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Ceramic coating: car coating with nanotechnology

Hydrophobic, durable and more: ceramic coating offers an ideal solution to many problems. While nanotechnology can be used effectively in the textile-, health- or food-industry, it also offers a wide range of advantages to anyone producing, selling or working with vehicles - especially when it comes to car coating. A ceramic coating for car, motorcycle or any other vehicle offers protection against water, dust, dirt and much more. 

nanoCare offers ceramic coating for cars that stands the test of time. With Nanoflex Dura & Sapphire we present powerful products for consumers and professionals alike.

More than just the finished product: We supply formulators with concentrates and raw materials!

How does our ceramic coating for cars work and what makes it such an efficient solution?  Read on to have these and other questions concerning our nanotechnology solutions answered. 
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How does our ceramic coating for cars work?

Rain, wind, dust and dirt: It doesn’t take long for the elements to wear down the look of a brand new car. A so called ceramic coating offers a new way to maintain this pristine look and keep the surface safe from scratches and other kinds of wear, tear and damage. But how does ceramic coating for car, motorcycle or any other vehicle work?

Nanotechnology is the key. A nano coating (sometimes referred to as "liquid glass") is made of microscopic particles, which are small enough to cover every pore of the material they are applied to. In case of a car, the nano coating will act as a second skin that attaches completely and firmly to the paint 

The microscopic dimensions of the nano particles do not just guarantee firm adhesion and a complete cover of the car coating, they also act as a protective layer by creating a resilient and hydrophobic surface.


nanoCare non-absorbent


The benefits of a nanoCare ceramic coating for your car

nanoCare offers two products suited for an effective nano coating: Nanoflex Dura and Sapphire. Both coatings come with the following benefits for cars (and other areas of application):

  • Hydrophobic coating: Nanoflex Dura and Sapphire are hydrophobic coatings. Due to the microscopic size of the nano particles, rain, dirt and other substances containing water are unable to stick to the surface. This is one of the greatest advantages of a ceramic coating: cars (and other vehicles) will stay clean for much longer.
  • Corrosion protection: A ceramic coating for a car will offer universal protection against corrosion of all kinds. 
  • Nano protection: Nanoflex Dura and Sapphire are made to last and offer nano protection for many surfaces. Our products are ideal to ward off scratches and other typical damages.
  • UV protection: With a ceramic coating, a car will look brand new for years. Nanoflex Dura and Sapphire offer effective UV protection, thereby minimizing the typical bleaching of the paint.
  • Enhanced longevity: A ceramic coating for a car will not only protect the paint but all decorative plastic and other synthetic materials, thereby making them much more durable.
  • New and improved look: The ceramic coating will give any car a smooth shine and preserve its original look. 

Nano coating for car, motorcycle and other vehicles: choose quality with Nanoflex Dura & Sapphire.

With Nanoflex Dura and Sapphire, nanoCare offers strong and effective solutions for ceramic coating. Car, plane or ship, textiles, building materials and more: our products are fit to protect many different kinds of surfaces. Contact our support team - we will be glad to help you find out whether Nanoflex Dura or Sapphire are the right choice for you.

Ceramic pro coating is not the only kind of nano protection we offer. Nano coating and waterproofing solutions for sustainable textiles as well as antimicrobial coatings are also part of our product line. Would you like to learn more about our products? We will be glad to assist you!