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Ceramic coating garden

What is a ceramic coating anyway?

Ceramic coating is simply a coating of surfaces for the lasting protection of objects. It is suitable for many materials, but the effect is always the same. The ceramic coating protects against the ravages of time weathering, rust, corrosion or UV rays. This type of sealing also prevents colour dulling and yellowing. The bottom line is that ceramic coatings guarantee an anti-aging treatment for everything you want to maintain and preserve. For years to come, naturally. Of course, the sealant is neutral or transparent, even in the house and garden.

Advantages and Benefits of Ceramic coating garden

There are no disadvantages in sealing, but there are some advantages.

There are three main characteristics that speak for a ceramic coating in your garden:

Low time expenditure

Cost savings

Long-term maintenance of value


Sealing is very quick and comparatively cheap. The big advantage is that a ceramic coating is virtually self-cleaning and also prevents damage caused by dirt. Due to the thickness of the coating even your high pressure cleaner (with a certain distance of course) can be used. Also not uninteresting for the barbecue season: The heat resistance of the sealed materials of up to 660 degrees Celsius. In outdoor areas, furniture and exposed tiles are protected from acid rain or bird droppings (very aggressive). But let's go into detail: Where can you use ceramic coatings in your home and garden?


Application in house and garden

Ceramic coatings can be applied to almost all surfaces. Basically everything that is smooth and shiny. In the garden this is mainly garden furniture and everything that has been painted once. Besides the sun with its aggressive UV rays, wind, rain and snow are also sources of danger.


Anti-Aging for your garden furniture

For garden furniture, the investment wish is for several years. Once purchased, the garden inventory you have just acquired should shine and shine for years to come. But: If die die die Sommer-Hitze broods, chair and table threaten to become quickly dull. Even white furniture quickly loses its shine. And with cheap purchases, the chair can rub off on clothes, for example. If you are interested in a really long conservation of value, a ceramic coating in the garden area is the best choice. The duration of the protective function is not months but years, more precisely 5 or more.

Anyone who works with various types of protective varnish will quickly be faced with the question of durability. Whether with brick, wood or metal. Outdoors, usually earlier than in the conservatory, for example. If you want to provide lasting protection for freshly painted bricks, ceramic coatings from nanoCare AG are the right choice. Moreover, if you take a closer look, you will make the nice experience that car drivers have with well-sealed windscreens. It simply beads off. This is not only practical, because the water globules also remove dirt, but also really fascinating to look at.

Aesthetics like new

Ceramic sealed tiles now also have a higher scratch resistance. In conservatories or outdoors. You will notice it: Scrubbing is actually no longer necessary from now on, you only have to wipe. Whether bird droppings, dried earth or oils. Concrete elements also receive an anti-aging treatment. No matter whether outside or inside. Exposed concrete, supporting elements or concrete floors in garages and cellars. The smoothing and durability effect of the ceramic coating is also effective here. Less weathering, almost no signs of wear and tear, but a structural aesthetics that looks like new.

The ceramic coating also works small wonders in your four walls. Sealing is also used here for things that are smooth or varnished and want to be protected. In the kitchen for example. The usual culprits are soap residues, rancid oils, fats and of course calcification.

Of course, these are also present after ceramic coating, but they do not deposit so firmly and over such a large area. And what is still there is much easier to wipe off. Enamel surfaces will also benefit, but above all the in-house ceramic department with bathroom and toilet.

Unattractive traces of use cannot be avoided either, but wiping is now much easier and faster. Furthermore, the scratch resistance is increased: This is measured on the hardness of pencils. 10H is the hardest pencil marked, nanoCare offers you with 9H the second strongest hardness resistance.

This is firm, very firm even. Just the pencils that scratch through paper so quickly. With them you can guess the extra protection in your home. Think of the other possible uses. Piano, furniture or vases.

Less efficient solutions

Those who rely on ceramic coatings will receive the latest state of the kind in sealing technology.  It is more sustainable, more mature and more versatile. In contrast, a conventional method is the use of wax. It is mostly a natural product and consists mostly of carnauba wax.  This wax comes from Brazil and comes from the leaves of a carnauba palm. The wax is also heat-resistant (80 degrees Celsius and more), but especially on a black background it is not unbreakable in summer.

 A further disadvantage: The wax covers the layer like a coat and can be removed relatively easily. Wax does not form a deeper bond like ceramic coatings, and in cars the wax polish has to be renewed after only weeks.


Can you do the ceramic coating yourself

It is quite possible to apply the sealant yourself. You will need special applicators and cloths, but this should not be a problem. The prerequisite for success, however, is a good paint preparation. In addition, it is very important that the sealant is applied in closed rooms . Wind could blow dust and other small particles onto the fresh sealant, for example. The time it takes for the sealant to dry is relatively long. Depending on the size of the object, 6 to 20 hours should be expected. During this time the surface should not come into contact with dust, water or sand.

Therefore, you should inform yourself very carefully when planning a ceramic coating in your house and garden. Everyone has their own wishes and preferences. But one thing is for sure, ceramic coating for the garden has many advantages. Sealed objects are lastingly protected, aesthetically enhanced and retain their initial shine.

So if you want to seal one of your beautiful pieces of furniture in the garden, be sure: you are doing the right thing!