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Ceramic coating industry. Protection for your productivity

Productivity is also determined by the time factor. What is continuously maintained and performs its service for a long time guarantees added value through reduced wear. To keep your capital goods in good shape, nanoCare offers ceramic coatings based on modern technologies. For lasting protection. No matter whether it is a vehicle fleet or machinery, pipelines or in food production. We keep industrial goods young.


Protect with nanoCare surfaces

The paint on a car or machine is not only intended to protect the metal underneath from corrosion. Above all, the paintwork is decisive for the external impression. By freshening up the coating, a written-off press can be restored to a new condition.

The solution for the industry

In order to keep this impression as long as possible, the coating needs protection. For this purpose, sealing technology has introduced completely new products for the industry that put previous methods in the shade. The triumphal march of ceramic coatings began with the car. With nanoCare you can continue it in the industry. There are a lot of options.

  • In food production for sustainable cleaning
  • Easy biofilm removal
  • Non-stick coating for pipelines
  • Reactors of the chemical industry
  • Machinery or commercial vehicles. 

Sealing from yesterday: Waxing

Until now, "waxing" has been the usual method of sealing a freshly polished lacquer for some time. The wax has only some weak points: Its application is quite cumbersome and can lead to unpleasant side effects if mistakes are made. In addition, a layer of wax does not last very long by nature. Anyone who uses his car as a "daily driver" could not avoid renewing the wax layer at least once a month, provided the paintwork was carefully maintained. This is not only cumbersome, but also time-consuming and expensive

Sealing 4.0: Nano Ceramic protection

In the car care sector, many a miracle cure has been presented, which literally promised the blue from heaven. But the new NanoCare ceramic coating is also available from well-known manufacturers, including the market leader. The agents for surface protection available today go deep into the molecular structure of the surface to be sealed.

The trick with the ceramic coating is that the nano-particles of the ceramic coating do not just lie on the paint. They also fill the spaces between the individual paint molecules.

The result is a sealant that leaves traditional methods far behind in terms of results and durability. This already makes ceramic coatings the new product of choice for car refinishers.

Those who have mastered this technology secure market advantages, because industrial ceramic coatings guarantee sustainability in the area of capital goods and means of production.


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Super finish through lotus effect

The special feature of ceramic coating with nanotechnology is that it gives the paint a lasting shine. Even after weeks of daily use, the outer coating resists the attacks of dust and dirt. Provided a professional hand wash is carried out, the nano ceramic coating protects the paint of a machine for at least one season. But usually much longer, over years.

The best thing about it: When treating exterior surfaces, you benefit from the self-cleaning lotus effect. This allows water to simply roll off in an aesthetically pleasing way. And lime and protective particles at the same time. The result is lasting care, and the frustration-free Easy-to-clean effect.


Implementation of the ceramic coating

Ceramic coating for automotive or industrial applications is a multi-stage process that requires a great deal of knowledge and practice. Above all, the preparation of the paint is particularly important for this surface protection. For cars, the ceramic coating should be preceded by a thorough polish. In the industrial sector, on the other hand, cleaning the paint and touching up scratches and stains is sufficient, unless you want to repaint the whole machine completely.

Then the protection is applied exactly as specified by the manufacturer. It is particularly important to pay close attention to the drying and application times. Especially the coating for the lotus effect needs at least 4 hours to fully bond with the paint.

Professional car refinishers therefore leave the customer's vehicles overnight to guarantee the optimal effect of the super-finish. It is important that the object is not washed too quickly afterwards. Especially the ceramic coating with lotus effect needs at least one week until the surface protection of the extra class is fully cured. But then you will have a result that leaves no more questions about appearance and durability unanswered.


Have you become curious?

Ceramic coating is the answer that proud car owners, reconditioners and maintenance personnel in the industry have been waiting for. It is an agent that, when applied once, can provide surface protection with maximum durability and a perfect visual finish. Call us or send us a message if you want to know more about ceramic coatings for automotive and industrial applications.