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Ceramic pro coating by nanoCare – professional solutions for a perfect finish

Ceramic coating offers an efficient and effective way to protect surfaces from environmental influences and damage. While it is often used as a resilient and durable finishing for cars and other vehicles, ceramic coating can also be applied to furniture, buildings and more. No matter what kind of product or material: nanoCare offers ceramic pro coating that fits your needs. 

Ceramic pro coating by nanoCare: we offer a wide range of ready-made products, concentrates and raw materials for formulators and manufacturers.

nanoCare ceramic pro coating solutions can be used in many situations and sectors. From antimicrobial coating for use in the health and food industry to flexible spray-on solutions for sustainable textile – nanoCare offers high-quality nanotechnology.

You want to learn more about our ceramic pro coating solutions? Contact our support team via e-mail or give us a call. We are looking forward to hearing from you and to learn more about your project!

Ceramic pro coating – What does nanotechnology have to offer?

The term ceramic pro coating is mostly used in connection with ceramic coatings for car, plane or other vehicles – but these are just some of the many uses for nano coating and waterproofing.

  • Architecture and construction industry: Rain, high temperatures and more – weather will damage building materials when they are not properly protected. A ceramic pro coating can be applied to sensitive elements such as aluminum, steel, synthetic and other façade materials to make them more resilient against different kinds of environmental influences. Ceramic pro coating can last for up to 10 years when applied to outside-surfaces.
  • Heavy industry: Ceramic pro coating can be used to keep heavy machinery and components safe from dirt, scratches, corrosion and more. nanoCare also provides special non-stick solutions for pipelines, chemical industry reactors, machinery and vehicles.
  • Protective finish for vehicles: A ceramic pro coating can be applied to protect the surface of vehicles of all kinds from damages, water and dirt. It is frequently used in the automotive industry to preserve the original look of lacquer finishes and to facilitate cleaning. Nano protection of this kind is also ideal for maritime and aerospace application.

No matter where you use our products, the main benefits of ceramic pro coating remain the same:

  • Hydrophobic coating: nanoCare ceramic coating offers long-term protection against water and dirt. Hydrophobic surfaces stay clean for a long time and can be kept clean more easily.
  • Smooth and shiny finish: When used on paint and other kinds of color-coatings, a ceramic coating will intensify the color and give the surface a smooth, high-quality finish.  
  • Increased durability: Ceramic coating not only acts as a durable water repellent, it also keeps surfaces safe from scratches and other typical forms of wear and tear.
  • Heat-resistant & UV-protection: Ceramic pro coating can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C. It is also UV-resistant and will keep surface-colors from fading.

Ceramic pro coating and more by nanoCare – high-quality solutions for all your needs

A ceramic pro coating will keep surfaces safe, make them more durable and preserve their pristine look. nanoCare offers several products for use on materials of all kinds. Ceramic coatings (also called “liquid glass”) for vehicles, antimicrobial coatings for indoor-use or spray-on solutions for sustainable textiles: nanoCare offers whatever you need to make your products more resilient and innovative.

Ready-made products, concentrates and raw materials: nanoCare will supply you with whatever you need. Give us a call to learn more about your options with nanotechnology or write an e-mail. Our support team will be glad to help you find a form of nano protection that fits your needs perfectly.