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Our 9H ceramic coating Nanoflex® Dura protects surfaces against weathering!

Impact of weathering on surfaces coated with Nanoflex® Dura

Coated with Nanoflex® Dura (right-hand side)

Coated with Nanoflex® Dura (right-hand side)

The right-hand side of the pictured barbeque was coated with Nanoflex® Dura in May 2018. To monitor the effects of autumn and winter adverse weather conditions on the surface, the barbecue was left outdoors for one year WITHOUT PROTECTIVE COVER.

The right-hand side illustrates that:

  • corrosion of the stainless steel was prevented
  • weathering of plastics was prevented

Nanoflex® Dura retains the appearance and value of your equipment! – Barbecue season is open!