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Nano-Care wins the German Innovation Award 2019 with antimicrobial coating “Liquid Guard” against MRSA infections

Berlin, 29.05.2019

Nanotechnology company Nano-Care Deutschland AG was honored on 28.05.2019 with the German Innovation Award 2019 at the German Museum of Technology in Berlin for its new innovation in the field of antimicrobial coatings to prevent life-threatening infections caused by microorganisms such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ( MRSA "staph infections").

The new technology - "Liquid Guard" – which will be launched worldwide, including in the United States and China, will protect surfaces from microbial growth 24 hours a day against microorganisms including Staphylococci, which can no longer be controlled by common antibiotics.

Whilst most EPA or BPR approved products are limited in their duration of efficacy, the new development provides durable protection against e.g. skin and staph infections, attacks to immune systems and acts as a long-term disease control. 

Besides skin-to-skin contact risks, which can be controlled by hand sanitizers, smear infections from personal items or surgical wounds (invasive MRSA infections) are one of the most common causes of infection, because they can carry MRSA through direct contact.

"Although short-term disinfectants are non-toxic, they only have temporary effect. Microbial growth starts immediately after application of such antimicrobial sprays, as their durability against odor-causing bacteria, and mold growth (mold control) leaves a lot to be desired. Most customer reviews show limited durability of antimicrobial products", says Oliver Sonntag, CEO of Nano-Care Deutschland AG. "We are proud to be honored with this award for our new innovation for public health, which leaves a permanent antimicrobial coating on surfaces and acts against MRSA bacteria", says Dr. Fabienne Hennessen, microbiologist of Nano-Care Deutschland AG.

The Davos World Economic Forum, consider the growing number of antibiotic resistant bacteria to be one of the 10 greatest threats to global health. The likelihood that an infected person will die has increased alongside incidents of MRSA infections in recent years.  

In healthcare facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes, where poor hand-washing can result in the spread of MRSA, risks from other infections like bacterial gastrointestinal diseases can be kept from healthy people in healthcare settings. Nano-Care has signed a contract for the European market with a healthcare provider for exclusive distribution in this sector.


Information on Award

The prize that makes innovation visible

The German Innovation Awards honour products and solutions across sectors, which differ from previous solutions mainly by being user-centred and offering added value. They do so because there are innovations in all sectors that shape the future and improve life. Sometimes you see them at first glance – but often not. The German Innovation Awards aim to change that. They make great achievements visible to a wide audience and ensure successful positioning in the market.


There are two ways to nominate: Companies that have attracted the attention of the German Design Council's expert panels due to their innovative achievements receive a nomination. In addition, interested parties can actively submit projects for participation. They go through the same review process. In both cases, a nomination acknowledges the level of innovation of the project. The German Innovation Awards competition procedure ensures the independence and excellence of the award.


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