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Glass Coating

With nanoCare nano-coatings you can keep your eyes on the road even when it rains. Weather effects or dirt simply beads off.

Nano-coating of glass surfaces: This way the windows remain permanently clean

Window cleaning is one of the thankless tasks of the household - cleaning with conventional care products is usually not particularly sustainable. The first downpour causes renewed soiling. And water stains caused by lime deposits. In everyday life, we encounter glass surfaces in other places as well, which get dirty again just as quickly and persistently. No matter whether ceramic hobs or glass tables. But there are also alternatives. One is the nano coating of glass surfaces, for example.

Your advantages

The contamination of all glass surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors, is reduced. If you treat windows or, for example, glass tables with such a nano-coating as Nanoflex VP 20, the new soiling is considerably delayed.

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Time savings through nanotechnology

You no longer need to clean the glass surfaces in your household so often and thus save time.

Prevents mold and mildew

Shower cabins treated with a Nanoflex Optiperl 45 coating dry faster, which prevents the formation of mold. Are you interested? 

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Easy to clean

The subsequent cleaning is easier because the lime is less firmly attached to the glass.

Environmentally friendly as well

The environment benefits because chemical cleaning agents no longer have to be used for the future cleaning of glass surfaces.




Why the glass nano coating works

Glass looks smooth - water and dirt shouldn't be able to hold on to it anyway? Everyday life teaches us better: What appears to be smooth and should not provide a basis for dirt, appears under the microscope like a mountain range. The unevenness in the structure of the glass ensures that sand and dust are deposited just as much as lime and other water components. Glass doors absorb the grease from fingers just as a water edge from a drink remains visible on a glass table.

Effect at the nano level

The glass coating with nano effect attacks the problem at the root: the coating fills the small "craters" in the surface structure of the glass, so that the surface no longer holds water and dirt. You can now benefit from this progress by keeping your glass tables or window surfaces permanently clean, because dirt and rainwater simply roll off. An overview of these benefits of nano coatings:

  • They are more sustainable than common cleaning sets for glass
  • They act on the nano-level that can only be grasped microscopically
  • The protective effect lasts for months or even years


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The lotus effect in nature

The roll-off effect is also often called the lotus effect, because the lotus leaves also allow raindrops to roll off completely. Products that benefit from this effect are often referred to as "self-cleaning" because the moisture that runs off rinses away any dirt that may be present. The advantages of glass coating are quickly apparent. Cleaning is quicker and the cleanliness lasts longer.

As in nature - Why the coating works

The human eye does not recognize much of the structure of the glass. The elevations and craters of the glass structure visible under multiple magnification cannot be recognized without technical aids. However, if all dirt is removed from glass surfaces, the coarse structure lies open under the microscope - and can be sealed with a nano coating. This coating permanently fills the craters and provides a flat surface that will remain for a period of years. Our coating literally forms a chemical compound with the glass, which cannot be dissolved without further ado. As a result, you benefit from a high resistance.

And of course, this connection ultimately ensures that the glass can no longer combine with undesirable minerals or dirt. It doesn't even have to be lime scale edges that you perceive in this way. As soon as water stains dry, the glass becomes dull and not much of the old shine can be seen. You benefit from the hydrophobic effect.

Hydrophobic surfaces

There are certainly other conventional cleaners that promise to provide lasting shine. However, this is not technically possible in the long term, because new soiling of the glass surfaces cannot be prevented by an alcohol-based cleaner. And so it is better to invest in an effective coating with nano effect, so that an effect can really be registered.

Little cleaning due to oleophobia

By the way, the advantage can be used not only outdoors: Baths can also be treated with a glass coating, which accelerates drying after bathing or showering. This not only prevents limescale edges, but also significantly reduces the risk of mold growth in the bathroom. Ultimately, you also make an important contribution to the health of yourself and your family through nano coating.

Application of Nano-Coating

How to apply the glass coating permanently

As a material, glass is a true classic: In principle, glass is sand which is brought to a temperature of over 1400 °C and then melts. By removing impurities and adding other ingredients, a material is obtained which can be formed into almost any shape and is also completely odorless and tasteless. Of course it is also transparent, quite stable, resistant to aging and relatively inexpensive. So there are many reasons why glass surrounds us almost constantly in everyday life.

Before applying the coating: Clean glass surfaces thoroughly

But how should you actually apply it? First of all, a thorough cleaning is necessary so that no more impurities are present and the surface is also free of grease. The nano coating should form a durable bond with the glass so that you can benefit from the nano effect in the coming months or even years. This is of course not possible if the glass surface is still dirty. Then you can use a microfiber cloth and apply the coating. Use our product sparingly, this will make the application easier by making the polishing process easier. After 24 hours you can test the effect by dripping a little water on the treated surfaces and watching the moisture roll off within seconds.





A Glass coating is a product which permanently protects glass surfaces in your household and outdoors from new soiling. This protection is achieved by smoothing the structure of the glass, so that rainwater and dirt can no longer get a hold. Simple soiling can also be removed with much less effort, making window cleaning easier in the future. The environment and the household budget benefit because you can do without buying glass cleaners in the future. After a coating has been applied, a microfiber cloth in combination with water is completely sufficient to remove dirt from the window surfaces and make them shine again.


The particular advantage of nano-coating is that all contamination is kept away from the glass surface. By smoothing the surface structure, dirt and water simply no longer find a hold on the glass structure. If the water beads off immediately, minerals such as lime cannot remain on the glass as soon as the water evaporates. So it doesn't matter whether you simply want to protect your glass surfaces from rain or whether fly droppings worry you - the impurities are significantly reduced and can be removed with considerably less effort.

More and more people are rightly asking themselves whether we are being careful enough with the environment. The use of aggressive cleaners, especially for glass surfaces, seemed indispensable for a long time. Of course, it is not a solution to let your windows get dirty again and again and to do without cleaning just because you no longer want to use aggressive cleaning agents. And so most people accept a contamination especially of the water, for example by surfactants from cleaning agents getting into the ground water. This is not necessary at all, as our coating shows: As soon as you have applied the coating, a microfiber cloth and clear water is easily sufficient for future cleaning. You can do without the cleaners, which in the long run not only saves costs but also relieves the environment.

It is not possible to make general statements on this because the durability of such a glass coating ultimately always depends on the weather conditions. You can assume, however, that the coating for some years ensures that the soiling of the window surfaces is significantly reduced and glass is also supported in the outdoor area from dirt. You should keep in mind how easy it is to clean the glass surfaces only with a microfiber cloth and water. Based on this, you can see for yourself whether a subsequent treatment of the glass surfaces with our coating is necessary to completely restore the nano effect.



The special advantage of our products is that you can apply the gas seal yourself. Apart from the product itself, only a microfiber cloth is required for this. The application is very easy after the window cleaning and saves you further costs, because you do not need to hire a professional for the coating. Another piece of good news: Our glass coating can be used very sparingly, so that the high yield ensures low costs across all window surfaces.

Initially, of course, cleaning glass surfaces is by no means one of most people's favorite tasks. Therefore, it should be seen as an advantage to reduce the frequency of these cleaning processes - and a surface coating is perfectly suited for this. However, you should also consider another aspect: In principle, glass is robust and weatherproof, unless it is deliberately destroyed. However, conventional glass that has not been particularly hardened is certainly sensitive. So-called micro-scratches quickly become visible if cleaning is done too often and too aggressively. In the case of window surfaces that do not have a nano coating, however, such cleaning is often the only way to permanently remove dirt. Many window cleaners cause streaks and a dull surface when cleaning in sunlight or when the user doses the cleaning agent incorrectly. So it is not only for your comfort to make window cleaning as easy and rarely necessary as possible - it also simply protects your windows. In addition, you should not ignore the fact that many cleaning products - as effective as they are in removing dirt from glass surfaces - tend to attack materials other than glass. Alcohol-based cleaners, in particular, are aggressive towards rubber seals and plastic window frames.