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Nano sealing industry. Why it pays off

Finally harmless waterproofing agents through PFC removal

Nano-sealants have a wide application in industry. They are mainly used to protect absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. Nano-sealings are used in industry to protect sensitive and highly loaded floors, walls and housings from rapid wear. With the innovative products of nanoCare, PFC-free nano sealings are now available for every application.


Nano-sealings are of great economic and technical importance in industry. They serve for the protection of surfaces. Treatment with these innovative products protects surfaces of all kinds against rapid wear. In addition, they can be kept clean much more easily and quickly. nanoCare has developed a series of nano sealants for the industry which are highly effective as well as harmless to health and the environment.

Advantages of nano sealings for the industry

The innovative waterproofing agents offer comprehensive protection for operating materials, factory equipment and even series products of all kinds. Through years of research, the sealants have been freed from their greatest disadvantage: nanoCare now only offers waterproofing that is free of PFC and its by-products. This makes the handling of the products very safe and environmentally friendly - for a wide range of applications


  • Protection of non-absorbent surfaces

Ceramics, glass and fired bricks can age quickly due to microporous damage. Penetrating water and moss clog the apparently hard surfaces and gradually hollow them out. Nano-sealing restores the waterproof surface and permanently stops all kinds of destructive intruders.


  • Protection against lime stains and fingerprints

The nano sealings of nanoCare create a surface that comes very close to the lotus flower effects. Ultra-fine elevations ensure that water drops are always kept at a distance. When the drop dries, <strong>no lime stains</strong> are created. 
Other agents have anti-fingerprint properties. They are particularly popular for window and door glass and stainless steel surfaces.


  • Sustainable sealing of flexible fabrics

The waterproofing of nanoCare is also suitable for open-pored fabrics. They make the fabrics waterproof and dirt repellent. After hardening of the flexible waterproofing, the fabrics remain foldable. The silicon oxide based sealants are harmless to health and the environment and are very durable.


  • Self-cleaning of glass surfaces

The nanoCare seals for glass create a self-cleaning effect. This is particularly advantageous for windows that are difficult to access. Sticking dust is completely removed with every rain shower and the windows do not get lime stains.


  • Waterproofing of absorbent surfaces

The nano sealings for industry are also suitable for porous and absorbent surfaces. They cover weather-sensitive artificial and natural stones with a water-repellent film and thus extend their life span lastingly.


Order your test package here and be convinced of the effectiveness of nanoCare sealants. No matter whether glass, ceramics, open-pored minerals or textiles - with nanoCare you will receive permanent protection for all your products

Performance of PFC-free nanoCare sealants

PFC-free nanoCare sealants offer the creation of a dirt and water repellent Surface on products of all kinds. Highly absorbent products such as textiles or open-pored minerals are just as well protected as hard, waterproof products. nanoCare offers comprehensive protection against aging, wear and tear and destruction. By changing from the dangerous PFC compounds in addition to the harmless silica compounds, the use of impregnating agents is harmful to health how ecologically safe.


  • For surface sealing of all kinds of surfaces
  • To create a water and dirt repellent surface
  • Hygienically and ecologically harmless


nanoCare protects hard surfaces from lime and dirt stains. Adhering dirt can be removed more easily with nanoCare sealing. NanoCare gives glass surfaces self-cleaning properties.

The nanoCare waterproofing is applied by spraying. It can be easily integrated into a series production by means of compressed air nozzles. After application, however, thorough drying and curing time must be observed. This must be guaranteed by the manufacturing process.

nanoCare offers lasting protection against scratches, dirt and lime stains for painted surfaces, glass and plastic. This makes it particularly suitable for the automotive industry.>

What our customers say:

"Our company manufactures plastic products for outdoor use. Through the nanoCare sealings are these longer durable and give us considerable advantages over the competition advantages."

Martin S. from Koblenz writes:

"Our building cleaning services use nanoCare Sealants for the treatment of staircases. Once sealed, the stairs and Platforms much easier to clean. Our customers are delighted and we are finished faster."

Stephanie R. from Villingen-Schwenningen writes:

"I have a professional car reconditioning service. The clients are already thrilled by the radiant surfaces of their cars. When they are then at the first But when they see how beautifully the drops roll off the windows, they can hardly believe it. This Customers are my best advertisement, because they always recommend me thanks to nanoCare products further."

Marco M. from Chemnitz writes: