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Nano coating shower

Indoors usually have little contact with moisture - except in bathrooms and showers. A nano coating of the shower ensures that the drying of the bathroom is significantly accelerated. The positive effects extend both to cleaning and to your own health: on the one hand, you can largely do without toxic and aggressive cleaning agents in the bathroom in future, and on the other hand, the formation of mould is significantly inhibited. In the future, a simple jet of water will be sufficient to clean the bathroom. What other advantages does nano sealing in the bathroom offer? What should you know about its application?

The advantages of nano coating in the shower.

If you clean your bathroom regularly, you will know for yourself how much effort this involves: after only a short time, soap residue collects in the shower. Lime scale deposits are also more the rule than the exception, especially with hard tap water. In other words, if you use it every day, you will notice that even after a few days you will need to remove soap marks again. Cleaning is only possible with aggressive detergents, which you have to leave on for some time. A scratch sponge is also helpful to remove these soap residues. Even if you ventilate carefully, sooner or later you will be able to detect mould in the joints of the tiles. In summary, you will need to clean the bathroom more often than any other room in your home - especially as most people place particular emphasis on hygiene here.


 Depriving mould of its livelihood

But why is the problem not solved at the root? Mould is caused by moisture, and soap marks and lime scale only become visible because moisture remains in the bathroom for a long time. Nano-sealing smooths the surface of the tiles and the shower tray so that the water slides completely down the drain - and this sliding can be taken literally: If you have already observed the lotus effect in nature, then you should not have been unjustly impressed - even the smallest drop of water seems to be unable to hold on to the leaves of the lotus plant.

The lotus effect ensures that the sealed surface can no longer absorb any type of dirt. With regard to your shower, this means that cleaning is much less frequent and much easier. However, it is equally clear that cleaning a shower that has not been sealed requires more and more effort. Because the cleaning agents or even scratch sponges you use will quite unintentionally cause additional micro-scratches in the surface, which ultimately mean that future soiling will cause an unattractive appearance more and more quickly and persistently. With a nano coating of the shower, you can escape this vicious circle by ensuring a lasting smoothing of the surface and thus filling in the scratches already caused by incorrect cleaning.

An overview of the individual advantages of nano coating

  • The water simply runs off, soap and lime scale do not stick to the shower.
  • Cleaning is only rarely necessary, which saves a lot of time
  • In the future, you can easily clean the shower with water and a microfibre cloth
  • Aggressive, chemical cleaners are no longer necessary

Areas of application: Where you can benefit from nano sealing in the bathroom

In principle, you can seal the entire bathroom. Of course, the bathtub, shower tray and the shower screen are particularly predestined. In the sanitary area, sealing is particularly useful in those areas that come into contact with water on a daily basis - and are therefore normally almost always damp. If you apply a nano coating here, the water can run off immediately.

The shorter contact of the water with the shower tray also ensures that less moisture evaporates, which has a positive effect on the room climate in the bathroom. Especially in the joints, the moisture is retained for a long period of time, which makes frequent cleaning necessary.

If you have not cleaned the shower tray for a certain period of time, you will know from your own experience that cleaning afterwards is only all the more difficult.

It is particularly clear in the joints where the problems of most materials are: The surface is more or less uneven and provides a good adhesive base for water, soap and even some cleaning agents. If this base is particularly present there, soiling and unsightly water stains occur particularly quickly. With regard to the area of application of nano sealing, this means that you can benefit from the positive effects to a particular extent.

The shower head itself can also be protected against lime deposits by the nano coating. Of course, it is just as sensible to seal the wash basin itself and thus keep it clean and shining longer. Shaving foam, daily hand washing and toothpaste expose the washbasin to many care products that can potentially cause soiling.

How does the coating of the shower work?

Of course, the question arises for you as to how nano sealing in a shower can work at all. Basically, the ceramic in your bathroom is already sealed with a lacquer - which, however, has more or less large pores. These pores appear in a multiple magnification like a crater landscape, which give moisture as well as soap or shampoo residues a hold - which is shown by unsightly deposits that can usually be observed after only a few days of use.

Our nano sealing ensures that these craters are closed. Even when magnified, you would now see a flat surface that no longer allows foreign substances to penetrate - and this over a very long period of time.

This ensures that the water with all the dissolved components such as soap or shower gel beads off completely and flows into the drain.


The biggest advantage that you will appreciate after a short time is that you will need to clean your bathroom much less often. All surfaces that have been treated with nano sealing in the shower will no longer absorb dirt. They can be cleaned by simply rinsing them with water. Until now, you have probably been used to cleaning the shower with special detergents about once a week and removing the soap residue that has settled within a few days. This work will be a thing of the past for you if you decide to use this type of nano sealing. The side effects of not having to do without the necessary cleaning are of course also positive. There is no need to buy cleaning agents - which in the long run will also have a positive effect on your wallet.

This question cannot be answered in general terms, because the durability of the coating depends very much on the frequency of use. If you assume that a family of four takes a shower every day, then the nano sealant will be removed more quickly than would be the case in a single household. However, you can also assume that the sealant will last for many months, even with heavy use, before it needs to be reapplied. In favourable cases, users have already reported to us that reapplication of the sealant was only necessary after several years.

With nano coating, the relatively coarse-pored surface of the ceramic is sealed with a care product. This sealant ensures that the surface is even, allowing water and all components dissolved in the water to run off, thus preventing contamination by lime deposits or soap residues over a very long period of time. In the shower or in the bathroom in general, this type of sealing is particularly useful because the bathroom comes into contact with water every day and soiling usually occurs quite quickly.

Yes, you can seal the ceramic tiles and the shower screen yourself. It is important in this context that all surfaces that are to be treated with our nano sealant are carefully cleaned and degreased before applying the product. Classical soap consists mainly of grease, which can deposit itself with unsightly streaks on the ceramic surfaces. If these streaks are not removed, the sealant itself cannot adhere to the substrate, which means that the desired effect does not last long. In addition, you should use our product sparingly so that you have less work to try out later. This also increases the yield of the sealan

Conclusion: You too can benefit from nano sealing

Nature shows us how: Most materials that regularly come into contact with water can be protected from the undesirable effects - your shower is definitely one of them. With a nano sealing of the shower, you ensure that unattractive impurities caused by limescale deposits in the water and soap residues can no longer adhere to the ceramics.

The sealing of the surface makes it so smooth that even water can no longer adhere to it and runs off into the drain without leaving any residue. In this way, you not only prevent the shower from becoming soiled, but also eliminate typical moisture pockets that can promote the formation of mould in your bathroom.

Our sealant can be applied by yourself after careful cleaning, which saves further costs. The subsequent cleaning is then done in a few seconds with a simple water jet. You can save yourself the expense of buying expensive bathroom cleaning products in the future. The effect is also long-lasting, as many customers confirm to us again and again: under favourable conditions, the nano sealing of the shower only needs to be renewed after a few years.