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Water repellent textile agent

Due to their structure, textiles and fibres are particularly susceptible to moisture penetration. The fabric creates many capillaries, which allow water to be quickly absorbed due to its surface tension. A sustainable and environmentally friendly protection for textiles must meet many requirements. NanoCare's sealants offer the protection for all kinds of fabrics.


Challenge: Water repellent of textiles and fibers

Water repellent textiles and fibers is a special challenge. The fabrics must not lose their technical properties despite a protective coating. In addition, the impregnation must also tolerate normal handling of the fabrics and not dissolve during use. This is a major hurdle for the development of an impregnation for textile and fibre fabrics. NanoCare has succeeded in overcoming these hurdles and developing products that offer the right coating for every type of fabric. Each of these products offers the same catalog of outstanding performance: 

  • Maximum protection against water ingress
  • Generating a self-cleaning surface
  • Dangerous for the fabric or fiber structure
  • Permanent water repellent of textiles and fibers even under mechanical stress
  • Protection against rot and mold
  • Retention of the protective film even in folded or creased condition
  • Ecologically and healthwise harmless ingredients.


Especially the last point was a big challenge. NanoCare has succeeded in replacing the now banned fluorine compounds with silicon oxide. Where in the past only harmful ingredients were available for the water repellent of textiles and fibers, today only processed sand is used. Except for occasional allergic reactions, the new NanoCare coatings no longer pose a risk to health and the environment.

Advantages for the water repellent of textiles and fibers

  • Sustainable protection against moisture penetration

    The main task of textile proofing is to prevent the penetration of moisture. The NanoCare textile coating coats the fabric with a waterproof film that protects it from penetrating moisture of any kind.         


  • Generation of a self-cleaning surface

The NanoCare water repellent agents create a microrough surface similar to that found on lotus flowers. The elevations keep water drops and dirt particles away from the fiber structure. As a result, it practically cleans itself when the fabric is rinsed


  • Permanent protection of the fibers even when packed

The NanoCare fiber water repellent is pliable and flexible. It does not harden but retains its elastic state. The coating remains intact when folded and wrapped. It is very durable. One or two refreshes are completely sufficient for a whole year.


  • Extending the service life

The textile waterproofing of NanoCare completely envelops the fibres. They are thus permanently protected against abrasive dirt particles or attacks by mould fungi.


  • Ecologically and healthwise harmless

NanoCare uses only ecologically and healthwise harmless ingredients for its products. PFC agents, which have since been banned, have been successfully replaced by silicon oxide. These waterproofing agents made from sand even surpass the old, harmful chemicals in performance. The modern impregnating agents from NanoCare are therefore not only more environmentally friendly than their predecessors, they are also better

Services of water repellent of textile and fibre materials

  • Protection against penetrating moisture

The NanoCare water repellent solutions keep dew, rain and spray water away from textile and fibrous fabrics. When moistened, the water immediately rolls off the surface and does not penetrate the fibers. The capillary effect of the fabric is stopped and the textiles always remain dry.


  • Self-cleaning surface

NanoCare textile water repellent agent creates a microrough structure on the surface. Water drops, mold spores and sharp-edged dust particles are thus kept at a distance from the sensitive fibers. The next time it rains, the water takes the dirt particles with it and leaves nothing but a very clean surface


  • Protection against rot and mold

The coating of the fibers with NanoCare's waterproofing solution provides them with lasting protection against contact with water. This reliably prevents the spread of mold or rot in the fabric.


  • Gentle on fabric and color protection

The textile water repellent agent of Nanocare completely envelops the fabric. It not only protects the fibers and their colors from moisture and dirt. The nano coating also provides a certain protection against ultraviolet radiation. The fabrics bleach less and retain their original colors longer. This prolongs their service life and makes them permanently attractive.


  • Ecologically and healthwise harmless

Harmless silicon oxide. The water repellent for textiles and fibers is therefore safe and very easy.

Applications for the water repellent of textiles and fibers

NanoCare textile water repellent is the first choice for protecting and maintaining high-quality fabric roofs for convertibles. With this fibre coating, a fabric roof becomes permanently tight, dirt-repellent and retains its colour. The textile water repellent is also very durable. A refreshment at the start of the season and before the winter break is quite sufficient. The convertible roof is thus permanently protected and retains its function and colour throughout the season.

NanoCare textile water repellent is also ideal for protecting all fibre and textile materials in the home and garden. With this protection and care product you can treat your pavilions, parasols and folding chairs very well. They stay fresh longer and do not bleach out so quickly. After a rain your clothes are clean again and shine like new.

NanoCare also offers a whole range of water repellent agents for indoor use. With these products you can provide your upholstery, sofas, armchairs and cushions with a protective coating. Spilled coffee or cola can thus no longer penetrate the fabric and soil it. NanoCare products are also suitable for leather. So your leather sofas and leather seats in the car have an additional protection against soiling and for a long life.

The innovative technology from NanoCare for the water repellent of textiles

The textiles to be protected are first thoroughly cleaned. Any contamination that is not removed is sealed by the textile water repellent. This makes cleaning unnecessarily difficult. The NanoCare textile water repellent is applied with a sponge or with a sprayer. If possible, the impregnation solution can also be washed in. After drying and the specified exposure time, the fabrics are sustainably protected from penetrating oil or water.

The nano-coating of the fibers also creates a microrough surface that keeps water and dirt out. This also gives textiles a self-cleaning surface. To clean them, you only need to wipe them with a damp cloth or rinse them with running water, for example with a watering can. But please do not use steam or high-pressure cleaners. This would destroy the impregnation layer and make it ineffective. Trust in the advantages that NanoCare offers you with its products. You will receive lasting, durable and health-friendly protection for all types of fiber fabrics in your household.


The waterproofing is either washed in or applied. The washing process is particularly effective. If this is not possible, several layers of impregnating agent must be applied, depending on the type of fiber.

The durability of the waterproofiong of textile and fiber materials depends on their load. Mechanically low stressed products such as pavilions, parasols or fabric roofs of convertibles need at most two refreshments per year. Products that are subject to high mechanical stress, such as sofas or armchairs, require more frequent refreshing of the textile impregnation.

NanoCare's waterproofing agents do not contain any PFC that is harmful to health or the environment. It has been successfully replaced by harmless silicon oxide - as finely ground sand. We nevertheless recommend wearing mouth and eye protection for processing. In this way, you can rule out any risk of an allergic reaction in the long term.

The protective film of the NanoCare coating also has slightly protective properties against UV radiation. The colors of convertible roofs, pavilions or sunshades do not bleach out as quickly as they used to do so when treated with the impregnation of textile and fiber materials. This extends the life of the products even further 

What our customers say:

"After the treatment of our parasol the fabric looked like new. Now nothing drips through and everything underneath stays dry."

Marius M. from Siegen writes:

"The NanoCare waterproofing for textiles was the last rescue for my convertible fabric roof from my old escort. Now I can enjoy the summer again and prepare my car for the restoration next winter."

Stephan P. from Dierdorf writes:

"Waterproofing our garden furniture was a task for our children. It is very reassuring that nothing more can happen to them because of the new mixture."

Andrea L. from Chemnitz writes: