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WPC waterproofing

WPC boards are popular and very inexpensive building materials. They are often used for outdoor applications. In the long run, however, rain and moisture can also damage these plastics. Prevent your garden benches and terrace boards made of WPC from swelling and rotting by a sustainable impregnation of nanoCare.


WPC waterproofing: protection for innovative materials

WPC stands for "Wood Plastic Composite". These innovative materials have become increasingly popular in recent years. They stand for high-precision machinability, low volume weight and a natural look and feel. WPC boards are made of sawdust and synthetic resin. They are available as complexly shaped preliminary products, for example as structured tongue and groove boards. WPC boards are also available as boards and blocks for your own design. WPC is often used in the following areas:

Construction of terraces

                 Construction of garden furniture

                           Construction and covering of carports

The high proportion of plastic in the WPC makes it particularly insensitive to penetrating moisture. However, the outer wood fibers of the material remain exposed to the weather. Over time, however, decay and frost can begin their destructive work from there. With lasting protection through impregnation, your terraces, furniture and carports will always look good and look like new.


WPC waterproofing offers you numerous advantages:

  • Protection of the uppermost wood fibers

The weak point in WPC blocks and boards are the outer wood fibers. They are only covered by a very thin layer of synthetic resin . As soon as a board is sawn or sanded, the fibers are exposed and water can penetrate. The impregnation seals the outer wood fibers permanently and durably.


  • Stop of rot by waterproofing

The WPC waterproofing is waterproof, but allows air to pass through. The trapped moisture in the wood fibers can thus easily diffuse to the outside. The rotting processes in the fibers are stopped by the  drying . Since the waterproofing prevents new moisture from penetrating, the fibers are permanently protected against decay.


  • Self-cleaning surfaces through impregnation

Nature has shown the way with the lotus flower: The nano coating by impregnation creates a microrough surface. Similar to the lotus blossom, this keeps dirt particles and large water droplets away. The water droplets run off and carry the dirt particles with them. The result is a surface that cleans itself every time it is wetted. In addition to the dust particles, spores of mosses or moulds are also removed. This protects the WPC products lastingly against these pests


  • Permanently beautiful appearance through waterproofing

The protection against moisture, decay and moss as well as the self-cleaning properties give WPC products a permanently beautiful appearance. The products look as good as new for much longer and remain so for years.


  • Sufficient hardness for terrace boards

Correctly applied and fully cured, the waterproofing is sufficiently durable, even for surfaces subject to heavy wear such as terraces. Two refreshes per year are completely sufficient to provide the terrace with lasting protection against premature wear. When the garden furniture is moved in, a fresh waterproofing protects against frost and permanently damp weather during the cold season. In spring, a refreshment of the waterproofing makes the terrace ready for the mechanical stress from its use. Normal foot traffic, setting up chairs and tables, and children playing around can then no longer damage the terrace.


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Services of the WPC waterproofing of nanoCare

The waterproofing is the ideal protection for WPC and other wood fiber products against penetrating moisture. The moisture is effectively kept outside by the nano coating. However, residual moisture on the inside can evaporate due to the open-pored structure of the nano coating. The waterproofing gives the WPC boards a self-cleaning surface. The thin-layer coating hardens strongly and protects the panels even in outdoor areas.

  • Sustainable protection against moisture and decay
  • Self-cleaning surface through lotus effect
  • Hard nano coating thin film for high mechanical resistance

Application possibilities of waterproofing

The nano coating of the waterproofing is suitable for WPC boards, chipboards and wood fiber boards. It makes the materials weatherproof and protects them permanently against penetrating moisture.

As a coating it is color-neutral, transparent and almost invisible. The surface only darkens a little, and nothing more is visible of the nano coating. Regularly renewed, it can also provide lasting protection against moisture penetration for heavily used wood fiber products.

This makes it an effective waterproofing for all areas of horticulture, stable construction or for the front garden.


The lasting protection of the waterproofing is also suitable for many areas of vehicle and model construction. A wooden model provided with this protection retains its intended technical properties in all weather conditions. Trailers, mobile homes and caravans can be maintained much easier by this nano coating. Especially the self-cleaning properties due to the lotus effect are very advantageous for campers. The poorly accessible upper areas of the side walls as well as the roof can be easily cleaned with a garden hose due to the nano coating.


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Functionality of the WPC waterproofing

  • Processing

The waterproofing is applied to the cleaned substrate. Then let it dry and harden. The curing time is approx. 1 day. During this time, do not subject the surfaces to mechanical stress. This applies especially to terrace boards, which must not be walked on during this time. After curing, the surface is fully loadable and protected against penetrating moisture.


  • Order

Apply the waterproofing undiluted with a sponge or a sprayer. After drying, the nano coating becomes invisible.


  • Health protection

When applying the waterproofing, wear a mouthguard, eye protection and long-sleeved clothing which you can then dispose of. The waterproofing is  completely non-toxic and ecologically safe. However, it can cause allergic reactions. With comprehensive protective clothing, you can eliminate any individual danger when processing the nano coating in the long term.


In all nanoCare products, the now banned corridor compounds have been replaced by harmless silicon oxide. Silicon is basically just finely ground san

The nano coating is applied with a sponge or spread with a sprayer. Respiratory protection is recommended to avoid allergic reactions.

The nano coating has a milky white color. After drying it becomes clear and invisible. The products treated with the impregnation darken slightly, but retain their beautiful structure and surface.

The nano coating lasts between 6 months and one year. However, it depends on the strain. A normally used terrace should be resealed at the beginning and end of the garden season. For areas subject to heavy wear, you should install additional protection, for example artificial turf.

What our customers say:

"My wife did not want to use the unattractive terrace any more. After I sanded it down and treated it with impregnation, it looks like new. We have saved a lot of money for a new terrace."

Stefan P. from Oberhonnefeld:

"The salty North Sea climate is always very hard on our garden furniture. Normally a set only lasts for one year, then we have to buy a new one. Last year, I impregnated our garden furniture with NanoCare. They still look like new."

Andreas F. writes:

"WPC boards are very popular in boat building because they are easy to process. However, the permanently humid climate in a boat always caused them to swell quickly and become unsightly. But thanks to the WPC impregnation, the annual sanding routine is finally a thing of the past. Once impregnated, WPC boards now remain permanently beautiful and functional. Especially nice are also the self-cleaning properties. Grease splashes from the galley can now simply be wiped away and no longer damage the furniture."

Helmut R. from Constance writes: