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Conventional disinfectants are good. The use of antimicrobial coatings the perfect additional protection around the clock. These have a lasting effect and provide lasting protection. What can be annoying or even dangerous to people, LiquidGuard kills. Bacteria, fungi and special viruses. Especially in times of a spreading pandemic, questions of hygiene and infection control are coming into focus. We at Nano-Care provide the answers. With solutions that last: Liquid Guard – successfully tested against SARSCoV-2.

In times of infection waves and multi-resistant pathogens, protection means one thing above all: precaution. Frequent hand washing, wearing mouth and nose protection, and keeping a safe distance should prevent common ways of infection. Routes of infection are airborne via aerosols or surfaces with the risk of smear infections. Our antimicrobial coatings are effective against the latter. As permanent surface disinfection

What antimicrobial coatings do in the pandemic

  • Virucidal efficacy. Efficiently combats SARSCoV-2 and influenza A.Antibacterial
  • surfaces. Broad bactericidal effects, even against multi-resistant germs thanks to physical mode of action.
  • Fungicide against fungi and spores. Common sources of infection are bathrooms and showers or even fitness equipment. LiquidGuard promises a permanent fungicidal function.
  • Mildew Inhibiting. Smooth, fibrous and unstructured surfaces benefit from a long-term fungicidal effect.
  • Odor-inhibiting. The anti-fouling effect results from the antibacterial activity. Decay processes are contained.
  • Dermatologically tested. Clothing or mouth masks have an antimicrobial effect and guarantee skin-friendly protection against infection.

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Your advantages of our antimicrobial coatings

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Easy to use & compatible.

Even though with LiquidGuard modern technologies work on the nano level. Self-disinfecting surfaces on clothing and furniture are dermatologically flawless and come without substances of concern such as SVHC, fluorine or PBT.

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Groundbreaking technologies

Due to its specific composition, antimicrobial coating LiquidGuard combines the competencies of an established surface protection with permanent disinfection. Increased scratch resistance meets sustainable surface disinfection.

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Sealed surfaces

Surfaces made of glass or plastic are smooth only at first glance. Only under the microscope does it become clear: unevenness and cratered landscapes everywhere. Sealants such as LiquidGuard smooth out this relief and thus increase durability.

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The secret of success!

LiquidGuard can celebrate lasting success as an antimicrobial surface protection. This distinguishes our product from conventional disinfectants. Of course: Substances such as chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide also have a bactericidal and sporicidal effect. Their mode of action is chemical, in that they split off oxygen as an oxidizing agent. But this means that their effect is limited in time. Nano-Care represents a paradigm shift in the field of infection control. With the antimicrobial coatings of LiquidGuard, we transform surfaces into sharp-edged blade fields of carbon molecules. At the nanoscale, we thus translate bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal action into the physical. Where chemical processes lead to the death of microbes in conventional disinfectants, in antimicrobial coatings negatively charged cell walls are attracted by positively charged nitrogen molecules. The result: the sharp-edged surface structure physically destroys the cell wall of pathogens. The bacterium decays.

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LiquidGuard. Your professional for antimicrobial coating

Where antimicrobial coatings are indispensable. For sustainable protection against infection.

Via antimicrobial coating LiquidGuard, you receive a self-disinfecting surface treatment that has a lasting effect. The advantage of durability results from the modified surface structure, which allows carbon molecules to protrude with sharp edges.


Sources of infection are often outside. Dangerous sources are droplets or aerosols. And of course contact/smear infections via surfaces. Sick and elderly people depend on increased hygiene standards. LiquidGuard has a bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal effect in hospitals as permanent protection against infection:

  • Ultrasound heads, stethoscopes or electrodes
  • handrails, door handles, bed frames or table tops
  • medical equipment

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Nursing homes and homes for the elderly

Nursing homes and homes for the elderly are also a focus of infection prevention. Similar to hospitals, operators can benefit from comprehensive antimicrobial surface protection. LiquidGuard offers permanent infection protection as surface protection. You can profit from

  • Control panels in intensive care or quarantine wards
  • Surfaces with a high risk of infection (e.g. door handles & shelves)
  • Floor coverings and sanitary facilities
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Rescue services and transport

When it comes to initial care at the scene of an accident or medical emergency, rescue services perform vital work. In this respect, ambulances resemble mobile medical practices or small hospitals. At least in terms of basic equipment and, of course, hygienic standards. Contact and smear infections also pose risks here. By using antimicrobial coatings such as LiquidGuard, you eliminate surfaces as potential carriers of germs in emergency vehicles. Sustainable and permanent.

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Among the beneficiaries of LiquidGuard are gyms. Important here are numerous pieces of equipment, which are performed sitting on benches over handles. Barbell benches, spinning and rowing machines or leg presses. If you want to enforce sustainable infection protection in your gym, you should eliminate all these surfaces as sources of germs and thus transmission paths. The reason also lies in the athletes themselves. If massive strength or intensive endurance training is practiced, them performance of the immune system temporarily decreases. The so-called open-window effect makes athletes more susceptible to infections.

Health and fitness go hand in hand? We think so too.

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When countless passengers sit in a confined space, things get tricky. Since COVID-19, the problem situation within aviation has become a matter of general awareness. Antimicrobial coatings provide precautionary protection against infection on all problematic surfaces.

  • folding dining tables
  • serving trays
  • knobs and control surfaces for lighting and ventilation
  • sanitary surfaces on board toilets
  • Door handles & seat backs
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Office & work

Where people work together on a daily basis, infection control must be a top priority. No matter whether in open-plan offices or in small businesses. The antimicrobial coating from Nano-Care provide preventive infection protection where smear infections are a daily threat:

  • Control panels and keys on machines
  • PC keyboards and touch displays of company cell phones or tablets
  • Door handles and sanitary equipment
  • Water dispensers & coffee machines
  • Surfaces in ventilation systems
  • Stainless steel railings and elevators including operating elements

Nothing works without employees. With LiquidGuard you realize a permanent surface disinfection that pays off. Interested?

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Public facilities

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a temporary shutdown. Not only private-sector facilities, but also government agencies, schools and universities ceased operations. Antimicrobial coatings are the ideal solution to provide sustainable infection protection for citizens.

  • Elevators & control knobs
  • writing utensils in public authorities such as registration offices
  • sanitary facilities
  • Door handles and control buttons of payment machines
  • ceramic surfaces in toilets & shower rooms

Since Corona, infection protection has been ubiquitous as a requirement. We realize this sustainably. On almost all relevant surfaces.

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Where antimicrobial coatings work everywhere.

You can use LiquidGuard on conventional smooth surfaces such as

  • Glass, metals,
  • Wood, ceramics, stone,
  • natural materials, composites

Including air filters for furnaces, air conditioners, air purifiers, motor vehicles and vehicle parts.

Better safe than sorry. If you want to protect building materials from mold and fungus infestation in the long term, LiquidGuard is a good choice as antimicrobial coating. You can profit from:

  • Roofing materials (such as roof tiles, foil, felt, underlayment or synthetic coatings)
  • building components and materials such as stainless steel
  • Concrete products (dry concrete and mortar mixes)
  • Stone slabs

We touch smartphones, door handles and tables every day. Turn these everyday objects into self-disinfecting surfaces. Simply with LiquidGuard. For sustainable infection protection.

  • Touch screens of smartphones, display or all-in-one PCs
  • Countertops without food contact
  • Vacuum cleaner bags & filters
  • Furniture such as tables, chair backs, drawer handles
  • Sports equipment (dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, etc.)
  • Bathrooms (handles of electronic toothbrushes)
  • Toilets & toilet bins
  • Containers such as trash cans or storage boxes

Disinfect clothing over and over again? You don’t have to anymore. Via antimicrobial coating LiquidGuard, fabrics and other fibrous surfaces (natural and synthetic, woven and non-woven) become self-disinfecting. Furniture, upholstery or awnings also benefit.

    • Mouth and nose cover. Mouth coverings are used to protect against infection, but they also tend to promote germ formation. With LiquidGuard, you get double protection.
    • Sports & Outdoors. Synthetic sportswear, tents and sleeping bags are exposed to sweat, water and temperature fluctuations in outdoor environments.
    • Clothing and footwear. Clothing, casual wear; also pajamas, socks, hosiery, underwear, gloves and uniforms; footwear (boots, shoes and accessories).
    • Furniture and interiors. Upholstery covers (coarse and glossy) & furniture; pillow & mattress covers; bed sheets & blankets; bedspreads.
    • Garden & Terrace. Awnings and sunsails are antimicrobial protected.
    • Bath & Shower. Towels & shower curtains. Condensing water and severe temperature fluctuations promote mold.

These questions are frequently asked about antimicrobial coating.

Basically, an antimicrobial coated surface is like a field of blades. The molecules form strong tips that literally slash the cell walls of the germs. This is where the bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal effect comes from.

Wherever surface disinfection is indispensable. Primarily hospitals, old people’s homes or doctors’ surgeries, i.e. in areas where minor infections can be potentially dangerous – among the sick and elderly. Under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem of infection control became part of everyday consciousness and predestined antimicrobial coatings as solutions for the entire public sector: buses, trains, schools or universities.

The advantage of antimicrobial coatings is their broad spectrum of activity. In contrast to antibacterial surface treatments, coatings such as LiquidGuard from Nano-Care sustainably restructure surfaces at the nano level, guaranteeing permanent solutions not only through bactericidal, but also virucidal and fungicidal properties.

In fact, independent institutes have demonstrated efficacy against the influenza A and SARS TGEV viruses. It can therefore be concluded that the antimicrobial coating LiquidGuard is also effective against the globally rampant SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is commonly known as the coronavirus and causes the lung disease COVID-19.

What our customers say

A very professional team!

Nanocare is a reputable company with excellent products, probably the best nanoproducts on the market.
They have been a reliable partner for many years.

Toni Jacquot, NanoProtection, France

Kundenstimme Nanoprotection FrankreichToni Jacquot

As Nano-Care AG sales partner in the international aviation market, we were able to successfully qualify and list the product with the Liquid-Guard technology by AIRBUS as the first product of this kind for the protection of surfaces against viruses and germs in all cabins.
The Liquid-Guard technology for surface coating is a proven result of scientific innovation “Made in Germany”, which will not only currently, but also in the future, play an important role in the protection of our health.
The service and the professional, scientific support as well as the cooperation for us as partners of Nano Care AG, we can only rate as outstanding and exemplary in every respect.
In particular, we would like to thank Dr. Fabienne Hennessen for her work.

Jörg Schukies , AIRDAL GmbH / Decorative Products GmbH; Quality System Manager / Quality Auditor

Kundenmeinung Jörg SchukiesJörg Schukies

We were looking for an innovative company that could provide modern solutions in different business areas. Nano Care took the time to understand who we are as a company and the market in which we operate. So far, we have worked with their building and textile protection products, Dura ceramic coatings for automobiles, and the revolutionary Liquid Guard antimicrobial coating. The feedback we receive from our customers is more than satisfactory. We wholeheartedly recommend working with Nano Care and implementing their solutions.

Grigor Mihov , CEO Nano Coat Bulgaria

Kundenstimme Nano Coat BulgarienGrigor Mihov


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