High-quality nano coating – What’s it all about

nano coating in everyday life? The benefits of nanosealing extend far beyond the refinement of car bodies. nano coating is useful in everyday life practically everywhere, precisely wherever there are smooth surfaces. It helps boat owners gain financial advantages and even performs well in the garden. nano coating is a complex subject, but its application is simple. So what exactly is it all about?

Nano coating

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No more dirty car windows and streaks after cleaning? Solve such problems with nano coating from Nano-Care. Simply apply the sealant to clean, streak-free car windows. You benefit: From the beading effect and a self-cleaning. Also inside: If children’s hands leave grease or chocolate on the inside windows, a clean, damp cloth is enough for streak-free removal. Done. And our nano coating can do even more. Even the upholstery and textiles in cars receive protection with nano sealing. Although this sealing technique comes up with solid structures, it can still be used on flexible materials. For example, on seat upholstery, which deforms easily under stress. With upholstery sealing, stains no longer have a chance to penetrate the fabric. Neither does moisture.

Would you like to find out more about nano coating for cars?

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Nanoversiegelung nano-Care Autoscheibe

nano coating for convertibles – protected in wind and weather

Among cars, convertibles without a hardtop have one particular weak point: the top. There is one thing that all convertible drivers dread: Rain – whether the convertible is driven open or parked. Thanks to fabric sealing , convertible drivers can now breathe a sigh of relief. A nano coating on the upholstery and plastic parts inside the vehicle ensures that materials do not get completely soaked. Why? Because the coating lays itself protectively between the moisture and the surface. But it is above all with convertible tops that a nano coating shows its full potential. Where the weather would otherwise cause the top to fade quickly and become brittle, even on new cars, the nano coating acts as a protective barrier to prevent these factors from reaching the material surface directly, where they cause an unsightly appearance and shorter service life. This eliminates the need for frequent waterproofing. The nano coating guarantees longer protection. So you protect your convertible and save money. You want to be prepared for the summer days?

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Imprägnierung Cabriodach nano-Care

It beads and shines – nano coating in the shower

The nano coating can also be worth money in everyday domestic life, namely wherever adhering water causes dirt and limescale stains. In the sanitary area, and especially in the shower, nano coating ensures that water splashes and dirty water roll off tiles, shower trays, and glass or plastic doors thanks to the lotus effect of nano coating, and that limescale has no chance of taking hold and leaving behind unsightly limescale stains. With the nanocoating in a shower, a brief showering of the area is enough to make this sanitary area look like freshly cleaned.

Want to keep your shower free of soap or lime stains?

Then find out about the individual advantages and areas of application of our nano coating for the shower!

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Es perlt und glänzt – Nanoversiegelung in der Dusche

The modern form of garden care

Sun, wind, rain and frost in winter quarters – these are weather conditions that affect various materials in the garden and quickly damage them and/or make them look weathered. Against it helps a nano coating. Preferred objects for use are garden furniture and flower boxes/ tubs made of wood or plastic. The protective film of a nanocoating keeps UV light from making plastics porous and colors from fading.

The barbecue season can come. A nano coating is extremely heat resistant. Even fire sparks flying from the grill onto a table or chair will not leave burn marks/holes in the surface material thanks to the nano coating. The grill is spared flash rust if it is sealed with the nano technology.

You want a sustainable protection for marble, terrazzo and sanitary engineering?

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Nanoversiegelung Möbel Garten UV Schutz

Glass and windows – nano coating for a better view

Do you have a winter garden or large window fronts in your house or business building? With a nano coating cleaned windows keep their cleanliness for a long time. Here, too, the beading effect takes effect: dirt simply runs off due to the formation of water droplets. After a rain shower, the windows remain free of dirty residues and streaks. The result: less work. In return, you enjoy a clear view through the windows.

Take a look at your smartphone. That’s right, you guessed it: The nano coating protects against scratches, also less dust accumulates. And there are fewer grease spots and fingerprints to be seen from now on. The good thing is that the treatment does not affect the picture quality or the touch function. Besides smartphones, tablets and the screens of all-in-one PCs also benefit from a nanocoating.

With nano coating for glass, you’ll still have a clear view even when it rains!

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selbstreinigendes Glas Nanoversiegelung

Setting sail well sealed – boats and yachts also benefit

Nano-coating offers a special coating, especially in the boat sector, from which boat owners benefit not only financially. The self-cleaning lotus effect (beading effect) significantly reduces the adhesion of fingerprints, limescale and dirt particles inside the boat.

In the water, the boat surface is exposed to all kinds of dangers. Solar radiation is intensified by water reflections. Salts in wind, rain and water are a permanent stress test for the boat. Dirty waters also attack the surfaces: oils, chemicals, flotsam or bird droppings. With a nano coating, boat owners save themselves a lot of work and money on cleaning, maintenance and regular waterproofing, which has a much shorter effect than the nano coating.

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Gut versiegelt in See stechen – auch Boote und Yachten profitieren

Your advantages

Icon Easy Clean

Easy-to-clean effect

The nano coating with sealing function features Easy-to-Clean technology, which makes surfaces dirt-repellent and thus noticeably reduces the amount of cleaning required.

Icon Investment

Long-term investment

The nano coating is an investment that will pay off in the long term if used regularly. Therefore, our nano coating is also worthwhile as a long-term investment!

Icon Öl und Fett

Oleophobic against oils & fats

Oils and greases no longer adhere and do not form residues. Wiping is easier by hand, without a greasy film. Therefore, nano sealants are also ideal for floors.

Icon Abwehr

Defense against salts

Whether water and wind near the coast or aggressive road salt in winter. High-quality surfaces on cars or boats do not like salts. Nanosealings provide long-term protection.

Textil waterproofing von nanoCare


What is the nano effect? Nano sealings have a kind of anti-aging effect. A surface sealed in this way can be seen, even over months to a year. The success is based on the high structural stability. Water rolls off, this is the famous lotus effect. Thus, nanosealings perform best in the house. In the bathroom, in the toilet and in the shower. Or outside, where it can get wet and windy. On the car or on your apartment windows. As an oil-repellent coating, the nano coating also celebrates triumphs; scratches, corrosion and rust also have a much harder time.

With us the technology works! Find out about its advantages and possible areas of application.

  • Thanks to oleophobia. Oils and greases simply disappear
  • The nanosealed surface is better protected against scratches
  • Acids and acid rain also have a harder time in the future
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The technology that works!

Nano particles are mostly applied where it is smooth: on paints, glass or ceramics. Nanopolymers then form an invisible layer. Once the object is sealed, it pearls and shines beautifully. And it does so for quite a long time and with lasting effect. Why is that? Let’s take the lotus effect. As you know, this comes from the lotus plant. The lotus plant owes this effect to the structure of its leaf surfaces.

Nature has created a combination of superhydrophobicity and a self-cleaning function so that almost no dirt sticks to the surface and soiling caused by wind and rain is removed as if by magic. This natural process has been mimicked with nano technology so that a nano coating can be applied to just about any surface. Not bad, right?

The technology that adds value

Hydrophobicity is the term used to describe a water-repellent condition. Superhydrophobicity is the higher term and stands for a strong water repellency on surfaces. This is achieved by reducing the contact area and thus the adhesion force between surfaces and the nanoparticles and water droplets on them, resulting in a self-cleaning property.

Here, nano technology ensures very low adhesion between the sealant and water droplets, resulting in an increased beading effect. Dirt can thus be washed off the surface, which is described as self-cleaning.

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Die Technologie hinter der Nanoversieglung wirkt und schafft einen Mehrwert!

Lotus effect

The name “lotus effect” is based on a certain property of the lotus plant that keeps it clean and dry. The lotus plant owes this to the structure of its leaf surfaces. Nature has created a combination of superhydrophobicity and a self-cleaning function, so that almost no dirt sticks to it and soiling caused by wind and rain is removed as if by itself.

This natural process has been mimicked with nano-technology so that a nano-coating can be applied to just about any surface. The term lotus effect is particularly well known among car owners because the product is used primarily on car paints, rims and car windows.

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Nachhaltige Versiegelung mit nanoCare


Hydrophobicity is the term used to describe a water-repellent condition. Superhydrophobia is the improvement of this and stands for a strong water repellency on surfaces. Modern school bags are also made of high-quality textile materials. These materials are characterized by a low weight and yet are extremely robust and durable.
Parents look more at the usage properties and also check how easy to clean satchels or school backpacks are. This is entirely justified, because these utensils have to withstand some stress. If the surfaces are carefully impregnated, notebooks and books will still stay dry.

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Nanoversieglung Superhydrophobie

Protection from scratches

Who hasn’t experienced this – suddenly there is a scratch in the surface and usually without knowing where it came from or how it was caused. Scratches happen quickly. Not so, if surfaces are provided with a nano coating. Due to its strong strength, density and structure, it lays protectively on surfaces and keeps light scratches from getting through to the surface material and causing visible damage. Scratches that hit surfaces with stronger pressure are “absorbed” by the nano-coating, so that a weakening of the pressure takes place and an otherwise deep scratch turns into a light, superficial notch at most.

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Nanoversiegelung Kratzer und Schutz

What you need to know about our products

Learn more about how nano coating will enrich your life.

To make everything that is wet and dirty roll off, we have taken the Lotus Effect as our inspiration. It ensures cleanliness in a self-cleaning process.

A nanocoating protects surfaces. And it does so twice. Anyone who has ever treated car paint with paint cleaner, for example, will see a lot of dirt. Much more than was previously visible to the naked eye. Nanosealing has a preventive effect. Due to their special density and stability, even the finest dirt cannot adhere. Second, self-cleaning. Surface dirt particles are naturally rinsed from surfaces by the beading effect during rain. This keeps surfaces clean for longer.

  • nano coating has a deeper and more lasting effect
  • The self-cleaning effect saves more frequent cleaning
  • This saves water and other (plaster) utensils
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Produkte nanoCare

Our products

A nano coating is easy to do by hand. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you get all the benefits of a nanocoating. First of all, the substrate must be cleaned as best as possible. Coarse dirt as well as dust should be cleaned carefully. The substrate should also be free of surfactants. Pre-treatment with a nano pre-cleaner is recommended. The substrate is then rinsed with water and must be allowed to dry completely.

A lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, is best suited for applying the nano coating. The sealant is sprayed onto this and evenly distributed over the surface to be treated, similar to a conventional polish. Finally, the surface is polished. It is particularly important that the sealant is allowed to dry and harden. Only then will it form a resistant film on surfaces in the longer term. In vehicle preparation companies, vehicles are usually left overnight so that a long waiting time is observed, which significantly contributes to maximum effectiveness of the nano-coating.

The application of a nano-coating should be done on a dry day, when high humidity due to rain is not expected within the following 24 hours. Detailed information on the application of the nano-coating can be found in the product instructions.

Nano sealings are provided with carriers. When applied, only the nano particles remain on the surface, while the carriers evaporate. The same technique works for textiles. Whether synthetic fibers or natural fabrics, the nanocoating coats the fabric fibers with the nanoparticles without affecting their appearance, structures or breathability.

Our products. What they do, what they can do

At Nano-Care, we don’t offer one solution for all materials; rather, we focus on the surfaces that need to be sealed. And as you have seen: There are many of them. Paint, metal, glass or even stone. You will profit from the exact choice. We promise.

Fields of application of our products.

What are the fields of application of nano sealings for care and maintenance of utility objects?

  • You treat windows on houses or car windows with Nanoflex VP 20 and Nanoflex VP 12. As it should be, these nanosealings are water-, dirt- and oil-repellent. In addition, the nanocoatings are suitable for metals and plastics.
  • Glass and glass panes are exposed to other stresses and dangers indoors. Nano-Care also knows this and offers a broad portfolio of protective measures for this purpose. Nanoflex Optiperl 45 repels water and limescale, and of course dirt.
  • The Nanoflex SG 70 coating makes everyone happier for whom fingerprints are an evil. On glass doors, mirrors, glasses and laptops with a piano finish. Or on touchscreens of smartphones, tablets or larger touch displays.
  • Stone surfaces also need to be cared for. With the stone sealants Nanoflex AG 1-4, Nanoflex TPM 300 and Nanoflex AG System you can do that as you wish.

Fancy the adventure nano coating?

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These questions are often asked about nano coating.

How long a nanocoating lasts depends on whether it has been applied correctly and on the product quality. In the test, especially product offers with a low price usually show an inferior quality. Even with proper application, they usually have a shelf life of one to two weeks. It is not uncommon for the benefits to subsequently be transformed into a worsening of the original condition, such as dirt that can stubbornly remain sitting after the inferior nanosealing has ceased to function. In contrast, a good nano coating will last at least between six and eight months. If it is applied correctly and sufficient waiting time is observed, a durability of nine months is not uncommon, as the practical test of numerous users proves. Very high-quality nanosealing lasts up to two or three years. This does not have to be removed afterwards for another nanosealing, but only a refreshing of the old coating can be carried out in order to achieve full functionality of the sealing again. The price is higher, but ultimately you save in terms of a two to three year bill.

A nanocoating is useful for surfaces of various types because of its many benefits. As a paint sealant, it protects against scratches, bird droppings, fading UV light, repels dirt and oil, keeps glass looking smudge and streak free for a long time, and saves a lot of labor, time, and money on expensive paint touch-ups, washes/cleanings, and maintenance along with care products. With a nano-coating, surfaces look like new and even bacteria can’t take hold, which is especially advantageous in the sanitary sector. A high-quality nano sealant is not cheap for the initial application, but if the savings potential for waterproofing, care products such as car polish, water consumption and car washes is offset, the investment pays off significantly in the long term.

The best nano sealant is the one that has been tested in practice and is convincing in every respect. It is easy to apply and spread, has a low density and crowning according to the nano technology, has a strong lotus effect, high strength and offers long-term protection. Only when the particles of the nano-sealing completely fill the pores and a closed protective film is formed on the surface, it is the best nano-coating available.

A nano-coating fills the pores in the surface and completely covers it as a protective film. As a result, the surface is completely covered. The sealant hardens and thus protects the surface from external influences, such as scratches and sunlight. In addition, it has a dirt-, oil- and water-repellent effect. It has a special smoothness and feel. In this way, moisture “slips off” after collecting as drops due to different heavinesses as well as sizes. Reduced water vapor diffusion occurs, although this is not completely prevented, as is the case with a glaze, for example. Oil is repelled by an oleophobic coating. The surface layer of the nano sealant is nevertheless quite thin and also transparent, so that it is not visible on surfaces.

Car care is basically divided into three areas: polish, wax and sealants. Polishes are offered for different purposes. Polishes for cleaning and touching up paintwork, as well as against scratches and paint and chrome shine, are among the classics. Wax, and in particular hard wax, is used in a similar way to nano sealing to protect the paint. Compared to nano-coating, polishes and waxes are synthetically produced, although wax may additionally contain natural products. Nano-coating is much more complicated to produce because the technology consists of a two-component sealant. The difference from wax is also evident in the pore sealing and a chemical bond with paints, while wax acts purely superficially. Wax loses its durability with every contact with water, can be easily removed by washing or wiping, and accordingly has a significantly shorter protective duration, which ideally still only lasts a few weeks. A nanocoating hardens, shows a solid structure and therefore remains effective for much longer. A nano-coating is so solid that even wax can be applied to it. It doesn’t work the other way around, because the wax prevents the nano particles from penetrating the pores and bonding with the paint.

In order for you to benefit from all the advantages of nanocoating, the substrate must be cleaned as best as possible. Coarse dirt as well as dust should be carefully removed. The substrate should also be free of surfactants. Pre-treatment with a nano pre-cleaner is recommended. The substrate is then rinsed with water and must be allowed to dry completely. A lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, is best suited for applying the nano coating. The sealant is sprayed onto this and evenly distributed over the surface to be treated, similar to a conventional polish. Finally, the surface is polished. It is particularly important that the sealant is allowed to dry and harden. Only then will it form a resistant film on surfaces in the longer term. Detailed information on the application of the nanocoating can be found in the product instructions.

Above all, a nanocoating makes sense where surfaces come into contact with a lot of dirt and moisture. Do you drive your car a lot through the snow, does your caravan stand unprotected in the garden during the winter or are you planning a long sailing trip? A nanocoating is always advantageous when external influences lead to damage as well as premature signs of wear and/or significantly increase the need for care.


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