Ceramic boat sealant – protection for tides.

You have saved a long time for your boat. Therefore, you care a lot about good care. Water, algae, but also shell infestation, temperature fluctuations and bird droppings can get quite to the material and cause sensitive damage in the long term. You can prevent this with a suitable coating. You save yourself time-consuming maintenance and protect the sensitive surface in the long term and sustainably. The solution of choice is a ceramic boat sealant. We supply such a sealant with Nanoflex Dura.

Advantages of boat sealing

Ceramic boat sealing offers lasting protection and convinces with a long durability. It should be carried out by a professional so that it actually delivers what it promises and you can enjoy it for a long time. The application is possible indoors and outdoors on different types of surfaces.

The appearance of the material is not affected, as this surface technology is invisible. The transparent coating has similar good properties as bulletproof glass. The original color of the material remains unchanged. The material only gets a stronger gloss.

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Advantages for the interior

Nanoflex Dura VF sealant can be applied to a wide variety of places on and in the boat. It is not only suitable for painted surfaces, but also for wood and metal for the interior of your boat. It is even suitable for some types of textiles. So you can also have the interior like seat covers treated with it. This way your high quality seating in your watercraft will be better protected from dust. Dust can be better removed from the upholstery. Only for polyethylene and polypropylene this technique is less suitable.

When it comes to the interior of your boat, cleaning becomes child’s play. Dust will not stick to the surfaces so quickly. Of course, you cannot prevent dust, but it is easier to remove. This is especially beneficial when you give your watercraft a spring makeover and get it ready for the coming season. You save work when cleaning.

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Nanoflex Dura VF Versiegelung

Perfect protection for the outside with the boat sealant.

With long-term boat protection, you can spend more time on the water because you save a lot of work on maintenance. Even older boats can be restored to their former glory. The weathered paint surface is sanded down before the new boat sealant is applied. Older boats look like new again. Colors come out more intensely. This surface treatment offers a longer value retention. This is not only important so that you yourself can enjoy your motorboat or yacht for a long time. If you would like to sell your watercraft at some point, it will appeal more visually. You can achieve a higher sales price.
With the high-quality top coating for your boat, you will leave a lasting impression on other boat owners and on your friends. Your motorboat or yacht will always look well-kept and will not get dirty so quickly.

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Perfekter Schutz für außen mit der Bootsversiegelung

Your advantages with Nano-Care

Icon Wasserabweisend

Water repellent

Drops and splashes don’t matter, a shower does, heavy rain even more so. Don’t turn outdoor into an adventure. Seal your boat with the ceramic coating from Nano-Care

Icon Wetterfest

Permanently weatherproof

Once it has rained, cats, birds and deer are dry faster than you can look. Nano-Care With waterproofing brand you can do the same.

Icon Hygienisch

Hygienic and smart

Wherever cleanliness is a top priority, waterproofing does a great job thanks to its dirt-repellent properties. No matter whether on stone or textiles.

For outdoor use, long-term protection has some decisive advantages

A convincing argument is the protection against UV light. This becomes noticeable in summer when the sun is intense. Without this long-term coating, the boat skin could quickly become brittle and fade. This is prevented with the innovative surface technology of Nanoflex Dura HD. The ceramic-based surface coating is environmentally friendly in several ways: You need fewer care products, which benefits the water and the animals that live in it. Resources are conserved because the armored glass-like coating lasts for many years. Not to mention, less infestation reduces friction, which allows for higher speeds and reduces fuel consumption. Algae, mussels, aggressive bird droppings and other influences don’t stand a chance on the boat’s hull. If you spend a lot of time at sea, salt water could take its toll on the paint. Show such influences the red card. The boat sealant is resistant to heat and cold. It provides better protection against scratches.

Sealing up to date? We deliver. With Nanoflex Dura HD. Order here.

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Für den Außenbereich hat der Langzeitschutz einige entscheidende Vorteile

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The ceramic boat sealant

Inside and out, ceramic sealant like Nanoflex Dura allows for easy cleaning. It is easy to apply. To ensure that everything is done evenly and that even hard-to-reach areas of your boat are really covered, you should have the surface coating done by a professional.

Nanoflex Dura delivers sealants that convince. Simply order here.

You save time and do not have to deal with time-consuming work such as thorough cleaning or sanding of your boat before applying the protection. Inside and outside you can do the cleaning without chemicals. Your wallet and the environment will thank you for that.

Easy cleaning from the inside

For cleaning from the inside, a microfiber cloth with which you wipe the dust from the furniture is sufficient. Since upholstery can also be sealed, you save yourself the hassle of vacuuming. You only need to use the vacuum cleaner from time to time and can wipe off dirt from the upholstery with a microfiber cloth and a little water in between. Dust does not settle as quickly because the surface is dust repellent. Since you have to invest less time in cleaning, you can enjoy the beautiful hours on the water longer.

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Easy to clean outdoors

The advantages of the ceramic-based boat sealant become apparent when cleaning the exterior. Bioshampoo into the water. This does not harm the sealant or the animals and plants in the water. An important aspect that benefits you during cleaning is the lotus effect. Dirt particles, rainwater and other impurities can bead off. You will need to clean your motorboat or yacht less often. Since the coating is also suitable for glass from the inside and outside, you will have to clean the windows of your boat less often. Bird droppings are also easier to remove.

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Easy to clean im Außenbereich

Less cleaning thanks to lotus effect

An outstanding property of boat sealing is the lotus effect. It saves you a lot of work when cleaning. You don’t have to rub and polish for hours because the dirt doesn’t stick so quickly. You will have to reach for a bucket of water and a cleaning cloth much less often, and you won’t have to polish for long. The lotus effect is perfect for boats. It is a self-cleaning effect. Water drops roll off and take dirt particles with them. Our clever bionics engineers have copied this effect from the lotus plant. Dust, bird droppings, pollen and other dirt are less of a problem for the surface.

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What you need to know about our boat sealing

The technique of ceramic sealing

In terms of boat sealing, you may have come across the terms nano coating or diamond sealing more often. These sealers provide some protection and last for some time, but they are not as durable or long-lasting as the ceramic coating. Diamond sealants are more about shine than hardness. This type of surface coating cannot match the hardness of a diamond.
The nano coating is also less hard and is more susceptible to scratches. The ceramic surface coating can also be used for other objects. It originated in aircraft construction and is applied to airplanes and helicopters, but it is also suitable for cars and mobile homes. Since this surface treatment is also suitable on a large scale, it is also used for large ships. Boat sealant is perfect for surfaces that are exposed to heavy mechanical stress, such as water during fast travel, as well as aggressive substances such as seawater, algae, mussel buildup and bird droppings. The coating is thin and yet has similar robust properties to bulletproof glass. The appearance is not changed. Your boat only gets a slightly stronger gloss. Despite its hardness, the long-term protection boat is characterized by high elasticity. Depending on the stress on your boat, the surface protection can last up to 10 years, while a nano coating only lasts for about six months.

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The technology of boat sealing

Ceramic-based boat sealing is an improvement of nano coating. A nano coating has a much shorter shelf life and hardly differs in price from the higher quality version. Since it needs to be renewed frequently, it ends up being even more expensive.
The nano coating forms a three-dimensional crystal lattice and has surface tension. Because of these properties, water can bead off and take dirt particles with it. The ceramic surface coating bonds with the paint on a molecular basis. The surface coating and the paint are bonded together in an abrasion-resistant manner. This results in a smooth and dirt-repellent surface.

Before the surface coating is applied, a thorough cleaning of your boat is required. On this occasion, damaged areas in the paint can be repaired. The surface sealant is applied and incorporated in the second step. As it bonds with the paint surface, it creates an ultra-thin but exceptionally stable protective layer with glass-like properties. With this surface coating, there is a chemical bond with the paint. The coating also bonds with other surfaces such as wood, metal or glass. This property makes it so durable. Since it is less stressed in the interior of your boat than on the outside, the durability is even much longer on the inside.

The chemical reaction that the coating undergoes with the surface material is called polysilazanation. Polysilazanes, which consist of a backbone of silicon–carbon and nitrogen–or oxygen, can bond to most surface materials through a cold chemical reaction. Because the material is spared, this technique can be used without difficulty for sensitive surfaces, which include boat hulls.

The environment is not harmed by this surface coating. You do not have to take your motorboat or yacht to a workshop for this. Your watercraft can also receive the coating on site. Long-lasting protection is guaranteed because the surface coating does not rub off, unlike wax, nanocoatings and polishes. Therefore, high hardness is also guaranteed. The coating technology was developed for aerospace, aircraft and vehicle treatment, but its robustness also makes it perfect for boats. It protects against the special influences above and under water. This technology is also used where the going gets tough and where a wide range of damaging influences act on the hulls of ships: In the navy. Navy ships are permanently protected.

This technology was developed and tested in extensive studies and trials. It took about 10 years to make it what it is today.

Our services for you

This sealant is high quality and durable. It has its origins in aircraft construction, where it has long impressed with a number of good properties. In the meantime, this technology is also being used more and more frequently for watercraft. Sailing ships, motorboats and yachts are sustainably protected with such a finish.

The advantages are obvious. Such a coating is environmentally friendly in the long term, can be applied to various types of surfaces and requires little maintenance. In the long run, it is less expensive than other solutions because it lasts longer. For boat maintenance, the new type of surface treatment is the state-of-the-art solution. It is technically state-of-the-art and clearly superior to other methods.

The comparison: less efficient solutions for protection and care

Wax is offered colorless and as colored wax in various colors. It is suitable for above and below water. Wax is also available with UV protection, weathering protection and anti-slip formula. However, it does not last as long. The treatment must be repeated frequently. In the long run, this can be expensive. Wax is not as corrosion resistant. Seawater in particular can quickly damage the wax layer. Algae and mussels can destroy the wax layer within a short time. The boat hull is then at the mercy of seawater and other influences. Wax also requires more intensive care. Since wax requires quite a bit of effort to apply, it is only suitable for smaller boats.
Various products are offered for surface sealing and waterproofing. Often there is talk of a nano coating. These products can protect against various influences, but they are not as robust as the boat sealing ceramic. They are transparent and thin, but they are susceptible to scratching. Shells, as well as algae, seawater and bird droppings can quickly destroy such thin coatings. These variants have to be renewed frequently and are therefore not sustainable. In the long run they can become expensive

A common form of boat maintenance is polishing. Before applying polish, the boat must be thoroughly cleaned. Damaged areas in the paint should be repaired beforehand. A dull or worn surface must be sanded. You can apply the polish with a machine or by hand. You must wait until streaks appear. Only then can you go to the actual polishing and polish the boat hull by hand or machine. This takes a lot of effort, especially for larger boats, and does not last as long as the ceramic-based long-term protection boat.

You have to be careful when polishing. Especially when rotating quickly with the machine, heat can build up and cause damage. For longer protection, you still need to seal the surface afterwards. You need manual dexterity if you want to do the polishing yourself. Polishing and sealing require more maintenance. They are not as resistant to damaging influences and not as dirt-repellent as the ceramic boat sealant.

These questions are frequently asked about boat sealing.

Diamond sealing is more about shine than hardness. This type of surface coating cannot match the hardness of a diamond. The nano coating is also less hard and is more susceptible to scratches. The ceramic surface coating can also be used for other objects and offers the hardest protection of these three variants.


A long-term protection that will inspire you!

The ceramic-based boat sealant is suitable for numerous surface materials and has its origins in aircraft construction. It has proven itself on airplanes, cars and mobile homes and now inspires numerous boat owners. A special feature is the long-term protection of the boat. The surface coating can be applied inside and outside the boat. It is suitable for metal, paint, wood, glass and even some textiles. The long-term protection is ensured by the fact that the surface coating enters into a chemical reaction with the surface material and bonds permanently. Depending on the wear and tear on your boat, it can last up to 10 years. Unlike a nano coating, this sealant does not need to be renewed over and over again. It is leaps and bounds ahead of other methods for surface treatment and maintenance due to its superior technical properties. Wax, nano-coating and polishes do not last long and end up being much more expensive.

So: Save time and money. Do something good for your motorboat, your yacht and the environment and convince yourself of the high-quality ceramic surface coating. Enjoy your time on the water and spend less time cleaning and maintaining your boat. Not only will your watercraft shine in new splendor, but you will also shine with other boat owners.


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