Unique ceramic coating

A ceramic coating is a polymer coating that acts as a second skin to the paint layer to protect it from dust, UV rays, bird droppings, water droplets or scratches. Unlike waxes or silicones, the coating chemically bonds to the top layer of the paint, resulting in superior durability. That’s why there’s a ceramic coating lifetime warranty and no aftercare plan – it’s the most durable micro- and nanotechnology-based system in modern times.


The use of vehicles always involves risks regularly occur damage. Our Nanoflex ® Dura and Sapphire technologies provide a remedy.

  • Protection of the car body from scratches, dirt and aging.
  • Improved resistance of decorative plastics and headlights
  • Universal corrosion protection
  • Prevention of permanent brake dust deposits on rims

Long-term protection in the automotive sector

  • Exterior: Up to 100,000 km or 100 washes in car washes
  • Interior: Corresponds to the duration of the stability of the surface
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  • Protection of the aircraft fuselage from dirt and aging
  • Facilitates deicing
  • Improves resistance of decorative and heavily used plastics and other synthetic materials
  • Protects surfaces from vandalism

Air cargo long-term protection in aviation:

  • Exterior: Up to 10 years
  • Interior: Corresponds to the duration of the stability of the surface
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  • Protects the ship’s hull from aging, corrosion and rotting.
  • Corrosion protection for precious metals on deck
  • Delays the wear of decorative elements on deck
  • Allows easy cleaning of salt water residues

Long-term protection in marine applications:

  • Exterior: Up to 10 years
  • Interior: Corresponds to the duration of the stability of the surface
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Seefahrt Langzeitschutz nanoCare

Architecture and construction (exterior and interior surfaces)

Depending on location, buildings are exposed to intense heat, frequent rainfall, humidity and snow. Interior surfaces are exposed to dirt and wear.

  • Reliable protection against stains in interior areas Kitchen countertops made of quartz, granite, marble, etc.
  • Prevention of visible fingerprints (anti fingerprint) on structured surfaces such as fume hoods, elevators or stainless steel handrails
  • Long-term protection of aluminum, plastic or stainless steel facades against UV radiation, weathering and acid rain

Architecture and construction long-term protection in the field of construction and architecture:

  • Exterior: Up to 10 years
  • Interior: Corresponds to the duration of the stability of the surface
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Architektur und Baugewerbe (Außen und Innenflächen)

Industry (machines, components, mechanical equipment)

When companies make significant investments in industrial plant and equipment, they seek long-term, efficient and assured performance Our ceramic coating Nanoflex ® Dura and Nanoflex ® Sapphire provide resistant protection against corrosion, scale, wear and dirt In addition, they exhibit very high chemical stability.

  • Easy cleaning in food production (production lines, tanks, reactors) Easy cleaning in food production (production lines, tanks, reactors).
  • Non-stick coating for pipelines, reactors in the chemical industry, machines or commercial vehicles Non-stick coating for pipelines, reactors in the chemical industry, machines or commercial vehicles
  • Simple biofilm removal Simple biofilm removal
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Industrie (Maschinen, Bauteile, mechanische Ausrüstung)

Technological overview of our ceramic coating

Our ceramic coating consist of two types of systems organic preceramic or inorganic quartz.

Organic ceramics

Organic ceramics form dense ceramic layers with Si N Si and Si O Si structures As a result, the coatings are extremely heat resistant and provide excellent protection against corrosion and weathering In addition, water and dirt are repelled by the strong non-stick properties These properties also mean that paints hardly bond with the surface Thus, coated surfaces offer little grip for graffiti and removal of graffiti is made easy

Inorganic quartz

Inorganic quartz forms a film of silicon dioxide (similar to quartz or glass) and imparts anti-scratch properties to many substrates, as well as excellent chemical and heat resistance.

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Your advantages

Icon Korrisionsschutz

Weather and corrosion protection

Drops and splashes don’t matter, a shower does, heavy rain even more so. Don’t turn outdoor into an adventure.

Icon Anti Kratzeigenschaft

Anti scratch property

Once it has rained, cats, birds and deer are dry faster than you can look. Nano-Care With waterproofing brand you can do the same.

Icon Anwendung

Simple application

Wherever cleanliness is a priority, waterproofing does the best job due to its dirt-repellent properties. No matter whether on stone or textiles.

Einsatzmöglichkeiten nanoCare

Avoid fraud and counterfeiting! Properties of our ceramic coating

  1. Ammonia odor Polysilazanes can only be produced with the help of ammonia.
  2. Sensitive to moisture they react with atmospheric moisture to produce a chemical compound on the surface.
  3. Available in pressure resistant aluminum or glass bottles these must withstand the pressure in the bottle.
  4. No ethanol solvent odor! Such an odor indicates silane or polysiloxane technology which has only a fraction of the durability on these surfaces
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Awards, development partners and certifications

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All effects in detail

Easy-to-clean coating for flawless surfaces.
With a ceramic coating you make the lives of commercial customers, as well as consumers, easier by saving a lot of time and effort when it comes to cleaning cars, kitchens, ships or buildings.

Easy to apply, easy to clean

Even the appearance of a well-maintained environment can be easily compromised:

  • Sweaty hands leave permanent marks on stainless steel surfaces Sweaty hands leave permanent marks on stainless steel surfaces
  • Mud stains on vehicles Mud stains on vehicles
  • Vandals leave graffiti on trains Vandals leave graffiti on trains
  • Your cleaning requires a lot of time and the use of aggressive chemicals Your cleaning requires a lot of time and the use of aggressive chemicals

The ceramic protective coating equips the material against frequent cleaning and contributes significantly to the reduction of soiling, saving not only time but also material costs in the long run.

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How does the effect work?

The magic word is hydrophobicity, which describes the properties of Nanoflex ® Dura, Dura VF and Dura HD to repel water and maintain the good condition of the surface.

  • Only a small amount of water or cleaning fluid is needed for cleaning no abrasion or aggressive cleaning methods.
  • Unwanted graffiti can be removed quickly and easily. In addition, the coatings prevent damage caused by chemicals from paints.

Want to know more about the properties of our products?

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Scratch protection against wear & tear

Even the slightest damage to surfaces, especially high gloss surfaces, is a curse Our solutions for improved scratch resistance provide the automotive construction and marine industries, as well as many other industries, with optimal surface protection.

  • The slightest wrong movement when getting into a new car can damage the flawless surface within seconds by a scratch from a ring, a handbag or a zipper.
  • In addition to Nanoflex ® Dura, Dura VF and Dura HD, Nanoflex ® Sapphire offers all interior and exterior surfaces a particularly high scratch resistance.
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Wirkungsvoller Oxidationsschutz

Corrosion protection

  • Weathering, high humidity and other harsh environmental conditions can damage materials through corrosion and surface rust.
  • Even aluminum-based materials and equipment are susceptible to corrosion. Any damage will result in a negative visual impact.
  • For ships, building facades, vehicles or facilities such as wind farms and industrial plants, corrosion is a major problem in terms of maintenance and safety requirements.

Corrosion protection not only maintains the appearance of the surface, but also prevents future surface damage on steel or other metals. Surfaces protected by an effective anti-corrosion coating repel harmful elements and maintain their quality and appearance.

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What you need to know about our products

All product versions are supplied ready for use. Depending on the substrate, they can be applied with a microfiber applicator or paint roller ( microfiber flocking ). The product is also suitable for spray applications.

Spray application

Process: HVLP compressed air

Working pressure: approx. 2 3 bar

Nozzle: 0.8 1.3 mm

The spray gun can be cleaned with e.g. n Butyl Acetate

Storage stability: 12 months after delivery date, at 20 C

Substrate condition

The substrate to be coated must be clean, free of grease and completely dry Difficult to access areas such as cavities or drainage channels etc should be blown dry with absorbent cloths or compressed air. In contact with damp substrate surfaces, a ceramic coating reacts prematurely and no permanent bond is formed with the substrate The substrate temperature and ambient temperature must be between +5°C and +30°C and the relative humidity between 30% – 80%.

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Produkte nanoCare

Chemical resistance of Dura

5: no effect – no noticeable change in the material surface.

4: Excellent – Slight detectable change in color or gloss, but no change in surface function or life.

3: Good – Significant discernible change in color or gloss, but no significant change in surface function or life.

2: Sufficient – Significant visual changes due to discoloration or etching possibly resulting in deterioration of function over an extended period of time.

1: Unsatisfactory – Pitting, cratering or erosion of the surface. Obvious and significant deterioration.

DU: Dura derivatives
DUA: Dura as additive in coatings
AM: Alkyd melamine system
PU: 2K Polyurethane System

Chemische Beständigkeit Grafik

Weather resistance of Dura

  • DIN EN ISO 11341 Paints and varnishes
  • Artificial weathering and exposure to artificial radiation
  • Exposure to filtered xenon radiation (2000 hours)

DU: Dura derivatives
DUA: Dura as an additive in coatings
AM: Alkyd melamine system
PU: 2K Polyurethane System

Witterungsbeständigkeit Grafik

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Safety and storage

All safety instructions are detailed on the safety sheet and should be followed.

  • Wear solvent-resistant gloves (e.g. butyl or nitrile gloves) during application.
  • Wear suitable eye protection (safety goggles or face mask).
  • Ensure adequate ventilation of the work area.
  • It is recommended to use a protective mask with filter types A2 B2 E2 K2 Hg /P3.
  • Do not mix or dilute the solution with other solvents.
  • Store in a cool (10 C), dry place with adequate ventilation.
  • Open the container regularly to allow excess pressure (ammonia, hydrogen) to settle.
  • Keep away from fire, sparks, water, moisture, alcohols and other chemical substances.


Ceramic sealants should be stored in a cool 10 C), dry place with adequate ventilation Ventilate the sealed container regularly (once a month) to reduce pressure. Ventilation data should be verifiable This measure reduces the accumulation of ammonia, hydrogen and self-igniting silane gas.

These questions are frequently asked about ceramic coating.

Hydrophobicity describes the properties of Nanoflex ® Dura, Dura VF and Dura HD to repel water and maintain the good condition of the surface.

You can apply ceramic sealants in many fields. Whether in automotive, aviation, marine, architecture or industry. Ceramic sealants are versatile.

What our customers say

We were looking for an innovative company that could provide modern solutions in different business areas. Nano Care took the time to understand who we are as a company and the market in which we operate. So far, we have worked with their building and textile protection products, Dura ceramic coatings for automobiles, and the revolutionary Liquid Guard antimicrobial coating. The feedback we receive from our customers is more than satisfactory. We wholeheartedly recommend working with Nano Care and implementing their solutions.

Grigor Mihov , CEO Nano Coat Bulgaria

Kundenstimme Nano Coat BulgarienGrigor Mihov

A very professional team!

Nanocare is a reputable company with excellent products, probably the best nanoproducts on the market.
They have been a reliable partner for many years.

Toni Jacquot, NanoProtection, France

Kundenstimme Nanoprotection FrankreichToni Jacquot

As Nano-Care AG sales partner in the international aviation market, we were able to successfully qualify and list the product with the Liquid-Guard technology by AIRBUS as the first product of this kind for the protection of surfaces against viruses and germs in all cabins.
The Liquid-Guard technology for surface coating is a proven result of scientific innovation “Made in Germany”, which will not only currently, but also in the future, play an important role in the protection of our health.
The service and the professional, scientific support as well as the cooperation for us as partners of Nano Care AG, we can only rate as outstanding and exemplary in every respect.
In particular, we would like to thank Dr. Fabienne Hennessen for her work.

Jörg Schukies , AIRDAL GmbH / Decorative Products GmbH; Quality System Manager / Quality Auditor

Kundenmeinung Jörg SchukiesJörg Schukies


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