This is what our sustainable convertible does waterproofing

Textile fabrics have one enemy: moisture! Regardless of whether a rain-soaked, stretched convertible roof dries in the sun or is stowed in the roof box – wetness always has a very destructive effect on non-waterproof fabrics. A waterproofing ensures that water does not penetrate a textile fabric, but beads off from the outside. This is particularly useful for convertible roofs. They thus retain their function and their service life is significantly extended.

High quality of Nano-Care Cabrio waterproofing

A waterproofing ensures that water does not penetrate a textile fabric, but beads off from the outside. This is particularly useful for convertible roofs. It preserves their function and significantly extends their service life.
Textile fabrics have one big enemy: moisture! Regardless of whether a rain-soaked, stretched convertible roof dries in the sun or is stowed in the roof box – wetness always has a very destructive effect on non-waterproof fabrics.

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Functionality of the convertible waterproofing

When stretched out, the constant change from damp to dry is a great strain on the fibers. They constantly warm up and cool down considerably due to evaporation. This also creates vapor pressure, which puts additional stress on the fibers. Stowed wet in the roof box, mold and rot have the best conditions to quickly destroy the roof.

A waterproofing protects the fabric by creating a waterproof barrier. This also has lotus properties: dust cannot settle and is immediately removed with every drop of rain. In addition, the waterproofing is flexible. The roof can be easily folded and stored in the roof box. The waterproofing remains for the whole season.

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This is what the Nano-Care Cabrio waterproofing can do for your car

The Nano-Care Cabrio-waterproofing not only provides lasting protection for your fabric roof. It also greatly enhances its appearance and thus increases the resale value of your car. If you want to have your car appraised, treat it beforehand with Nano-Care. A visually flawless to like-new convertible roof can make a difference of several thousand euros. The Nano-Care convertible-waterproofing also prevents dust and dirt from settling in the roof. Bird droppings are also much easier to remove thanks to a waterproofing than non-impregnated roofs. The waterproofing extends the service life of a fabric roof over the long term, significantly reducing repair costs. The roof also remains attractive and chic.

  • Sustainable protection of the roof from moisture and dirt.
  • Increase in value of the whole car
  • Easy removal of stubborn dirt.
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Your advantages of our convertible waterproofing

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Lasting protection against moisture penetration

The Nano-Care sealant is applied as a thin film to the textile surface of a convertible roof. It permanently prevents water or oil from penetrating. Even microfine dust can no longer penetrate and have an abrasive effect on the fibers. It remains on the roof and is washed away with the next rain shower.

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Self-cleaning properties

The impregnating film creates a micro-rough surface. This creates a lotus effect in which dust particles cannot penetrate the fabric. They are washed away by every rain shower. The convertible roof thus constantly cleans itself.

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Ecologically sound application

The completely newly developed waterproofing spray is ecologically sound and harmless to health. The fluorine compounds, which are now banned, have been replaced by simple silicon oxide. This natural substance is very similar to normal quartz sand and no longer poses any health or ecological threat.

Functionality of the

nano coating
The innovative convertible

waterproofing from Nano-Care is applied with a sponge or sprayed on. For this purpose, the fabric roof must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. We recommend special fabric roof cleaning foam. This is massaged in with a brush and then rinsed out with clean water. Using a wet vacuum cleaner makes the cleaning of the convertible roof particularly lasting.

The car is placed in the sun with the roof closed. This dries the roof skin particularly quickly. Then place the convertible in the shade at waterproof. Make sure that it cannot be soiled by birds or other influences at waterproof. An ideal place to waterproof is therefore a garage, underground parking or a wash box. Then spray the roof completely with the Nano-Care convertible waterproofing. Let the waterproofing dry in the shade and repeat the process 2-3 times. This will get your convertible roof ready for the upcoming season. The Nano-Care waterproofing can also be used for numerous other applications: Pavilions, garden umbrellas, umbrellas and even sail surfaces can also be sustainably protected from moisture penetration with this waterproofing spray.

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These questions are frequently asked on the subject of convertibleImprägnierung.

Fabric-waterproofing agents should only be used for textile fabrics. For leather and vinyl Nano-Care offers more suitable means.

One waterproofing at the start of the season and one before storing the convertible in a dry place are usually quite sufficient.

The innovative Nano-Care is ecologically and healthwise as far as possible harmless. What can never be excluded are type-dependent sensitivities or allergic reactions. We therefore always recommend wearing a mouthguard when applying waterproofing.

We generally recommend washing a convertible with a fabric roof by hand wash only. The rotating brushes of a car wash are always hard on a soft top. Accordingly, you should renew the waterproofing once you have driven the convertible through the car wash.

What our customers say

A very professional team!

Nanocare is a reputable company with excellent products, probably the best nanoproducts on the market.
They have been a reliable partner for many years.

Toni Jacquot, NanoProtection, France

Kundenstimme Nanoprotection FrankreichToni Jacquot

We were looking for an innovative company that could provide modern solutions in different business areas. Nano Care took the time to understand who we are as a company and the market in which we operate. So far, we have worked with their building and textile protection products, Dura ceramic coatings for automobiles, and the revolutionary Liquid Guard antimicrobial coating. The feedback we receive from our customers is more than satisfactory. We wholeheartedly recommend working with Nano Care and implementing their solutions.

Grigor Mihov , CEO Nano Coat Bulgaria

Kundenstimme Nano Coat BulgarienGrigor Mihov

As Nano-Care AG sales partner in the international aviation market, we were able to successfully qualify and list the product with the Liquid-Guard technology by AIRBUS as the first product of this kind for the protection of surfaces against viruses and germs in all cabins.
The Liquid-Guard technology for surface coating is a proven result of scientific innovation “Made in Germany”, which will not only currently, but also in the future, play an important role in the protection of our health.
The service and the professional, scientific support as well as the cooperation for us as partners of Nano Care AG, we can only rate as outstanding and exemplary in every respect.
In particular, we would like to thank Dr. Fabienne Hennessen for her work.

Jörg Schukies , AIRDAL GmbH / Decorative Products GmbH; Quality System Manager / Quality Auditor

Kundenmeinung Jörg SchukiesJörg Schukies


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