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Sustainable textiles – High quality nano protection by nanoCare

Durable clothing that will keep its wearer safe from any kind of weather, upholstery that is robust and easy to clean: sustainable textiles offer many possibilities. Outdoor clothing, sportswear, workwear, furniture and many other products can be made water- and dirt-resistant with modern nano technology. nanoCare offers custom solutions for the production of sustainable textiles.  

Chose from our wide range of products and find the right nano technology solution for your needs: nanoCare will provide you with ready made products, raw materials or concentrates to make your products more durable and sustainable.

The advantages of nanoCare sustainable textile solutions:

  • replace outdated C8 fluorocarbon technologies with no loss of performance: Nanoflex® F-Bond is the right product to modernize your sustainable textile production
  • discover fluorine-free alternatives for the outdoor sector: Nanoflex® repel ECO/Plus are made to perform in many environments
  • protect leather from moisture and keep it supple at the same time: Nanoflex®L-Care will help you make leather products more durable
  • use washing machines for do-it-yourself application : Nanoflex® Wash-on makes it easy to apply nano protection to any washable textile
  • spray invisible protection on your upholstery: Nanoflex® Tex2 will make your furniture more durable and easier to keep clean
  • tents and awnings can be completely waterproofed: Nanoflex® Tex-barrier is ideal for sustainable textiles that need to perform under higher stresses 

You want to learn more about nanoCare products for sustainable textiles?  Contact us at 

Sustainable textiles – using nano technology to make your products durable and water-resistant

The idea of nano protection for textiles is simple: A special coating made up of nano particles keeps textiles safe from water, mud and many other kinds of dirt and staining. To make all the advantages of high-quality and high-performing functional textiles available to your customers, you need a product for sustainable textiles that is durable and can be integrated into your production-process easily. This is exactly what nanoCare offers. 

Why nanoCare? Our solutions for sustainable textiles offer the following advantages 

  • Quality made to last: Sustainable textiles are ideal for products that are made to last for a long time and withstand the stresses of daily use. Whether you chose one of our ceramic pro caotings or one of our solutions for “neverwet” fabric, you will receive a high-quality product that will protect surfaces and materials for many years.
  • The right product to fit your needs: Whether you are creating durable furniture, outdoor-clothing or a ceramic coating for cars and other vehicles – with nanoCare you will always find a solution that fits your requirements. Chose from our readymade products, find the right concentrates or order raw materials to integrate into your production process.
  • Sustainability with nano protection: Saving resources is important, not only to your customers but also to us. That is why we offer ecological solutions for nano coating and sustainable textiles that are a good choice not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of protecting the environment.




Creating sustainable textiles with nanoCare: Our solutions for your products

There are two ways to create sustainable fabrics with nanoCare. Both can be adapted to a wide variety of production processes. 

  1. nanoCare products for spray-on or wash-on application
    Fast and eays: spray-on or wash-on application is a great choice to waterproof fabrics in many different circumstances. nanoCare finishing can be applied before or after tailoring.
  2. nanoCare solutions for padding/foulard application
    With these solutions for sustainable textiles, you will be able to add nano protection as part of your production process.

No matter which method you chose: nanoCare will provide a product that fits your needs. Call us and we will gladly help you find a way to produce sustainable textiles in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

nanoCare – your partner for modern nano protection and sustainable textiles made to perform

Get in touch and find the right product for you. “Liquid glass” solutions, ceramic pro coating, sustainable textiles or antimicrobial coating – we offer solutions for many different areas and usages.