Stainless steel with durable and hygienic nano coating

Stainless steel is effectively supported in its positive properties with sealing by Nano-Care. A Nano-Care sealant also gives stainless steel self-cleaning properties. This makes it much easier to maintain. Sealing is particularly advantageous for areas that are difficult to access: the steel elements can be completely freed of dirt by a targeted water jet. In addition, the sealant is very effective against traces of grease. In hygienically critical areas, for example in kitchens of catering establishments, the anti-fingerprint nanocoating from Nano-Care can make an effective contribution to hygiene and appearance.

Corrosion protection that pays off

Stainless steel does not mean that it is resistant to everything. To provide stainless steel with lasting protection against acids, bases and weathering, an additional sealant is a good idea. If you want to equip stainless steel products with a highly durable coating, we recommend our product Nanoflex Dura HD. This creates a thick, very hard protective film that also offers good resistance to aggressive media.

  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Enhanced corrosion protection
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How surface sealing works

Nature has shown it impressively with the lotus flower. This magnificent Asian plant has a fascinating property: no dirt sticks to it. Every next downpour washes off the blossom completely and cleans it permanently. This is made possible by a micro-rough surface. The lotus flower uses wax for this purpose. At Nano-Care, we have modified silicon oxide so that it also creates a microrough surface when cured. The effect is the same as with lotus blossom: dirt and water droplets do not penetrate to the surface but are washed off the next time the surface is wetted. This is very helpful in catering kitchens with their highly greasy fumes: instead of washing greasy films from cabinets with harsh detergents, simple water is sufficient in most cases. This reduces the need for harsh cleaning agents and thus protects the environment.

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Your advantages with Nano-Care

Icon Hygiene

Improved hygiene

The micro-rough surface of nano coating ensures that dirt, grease and moisture can no longer adhere directly to the steel sheet.

Icon Oxidation

Protection against oxidation

The nano coating also protects stainless steel from unwanted oxidation by chemicals.

Icon Oberfläche

Self-cleaning surface

The nano coating for stainless steel makes it particularly easy to clean. Grease splashes and other dirt are simply wiped off with a damp cloth.

Icon Anti-Fingerprint


Fingerprints on refrigerators and other stainless steel surfaces always look very unhygienic. With a Nano-Care sealant, fingerprints are significantly reduced.

Produkte nanoCare

Services of Nano-Care sealing

What does the nano coating of stainless steel do? The nano coating further improves the antimicrobial properties of stainless steel surfaces. Bacteria are less able to adhere and are more easily removed. Once cured, the Nano-Care coating can withstand treatment by harsh disinfectants. The surface remains clean or can be cleaned with little effort. In places that are difficult to access, a targeted jet of water is sufficient. Stainless steel is very robust in itself and does not rust when exposed to oxygen and water. In an aggressive atmosphere, however, even stainless steel can suffer damage. However, the nano coating keeps the stainless steel protected and clean.

Are you the operator of a catering kitchen or do you work in a hygienically critical environment? Then take a close look at the product range from Nano-Care. Here you will also find the right sealant for your application. Order the free newsletter now and always stay informed about special offers and innovative products.

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Possible applications of surface sealing of metals

The Nano-Care-sealing of metals offers numerous possibilities to improve the technical properties of these materials. Stainless steel is in itself well protected against corrosion of all kinds. However, its technical properties can be enhanced by additional sealing. This is especially true in environments with acidic or basic vapors or liquids. In addition, stainless steel acquires self-cleaning properties through the nano coating. This makes maintenance and cleaning work easier and quicker. This frees up working time that can be put to good use for other activities.

Perfect for gastronomy

The kitchen made of stainless steel is legally required standard in the catering industry. Stainless steel is particularly easy to clean and in turn has strong antibacterial properties. This contributes significantly to hygiene in a kitchen. The technical properties of stainless steel are further improved by the nano coating. It becomes more repellent to grease, be it from drips, splashes, fingerprints or greasy vapors. Cleaning the kitchen is much faster and at the same time more thorough. A sealed stainless steel kitchen is ready for the next health department inspection. With this remedy, restaurant owners can face food inspection with peace of mind.

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Nanoversiegelung Gastronomie

These questions are frequently asked about waterproofing.

There are no harmful PFC compounds in Nano-Care impregnating and sealing agents. They have been completely replaced by harmless compounds made of silicon oxide. Silicon oxide is practically finely ground sand. Mixed with additional, also harmless ingredients, we achieve the positive but health and ecologically completely harmless effects of our products.

The Nano-Care sealant is simply applied with a sponge or a sprayer. Then allow it to dry and cure according to product instructions. The surface is fully loadable after the sealer has cured.

The duration of the sealing of Nano-Care surface coatings depends on the mechanical load. The coating is only a few micrometers dense. Scratching, grinding or abrasive stresses wear it off quickly. With unstressed surfaces, however, the seal remains in place for a very long time. Normally, it is sufficient to refresh the seal every 6 months at the earliest.

Stainless steel is protected by its material properties against oxidation under water and oxygen. Beyond that, however, there are numerous chemicals that can attack it. Sealing it with Nano-Care gives the stainless steel additional protection that can extend its service life, especially in aggressive environments such as salt water.

What our customers say

As Nano-Care AG sales partner in the international aviation market, we were able to successfully qualify and list the product with the Liquid-Guard technology by AIRBUS as the first product of this kind for the protection of surfaces against viruses and germs in all cabins.
The Liquid-Guard technology for surface coating is a proven result of scientific innovation “Made in Germany”, which will not only currently, but also in the future, play an important role in the protection of our health.
The service and the professional, scientific support as well as the cooperation for us as partners of Nano Care AG, we can only rate as outstanding and exemplary in every respect.
In particular, we would like to thank Dr. Fabienne Hennessen for her work.

Jörg Schukies , AIRDAL GmbH / Decorative Products GmbH; Quality System Manager / Quality Auditor

Kundenmeinung Jörg SchukiesJörg Schukies

A very professional team!

Nanocare is a reputable company with excellent products, probably the best nanoproducts on the market.
They have been a reliable partner for many years.

Toni Jacquot, NanoProtection, France

Kundenstimme Nanoprotection FrankreichToni Jacquot

We were looking for an innovative company that could provide modern solutions in different business areas. Nano Care took the time to understand who we are as a company and the market in which we operate. So far, we have worked with their building and textile protection products, Dura ceramic coatings for automobiles, and the revolutionary Liquid Guard antimicrobial coating. The feedback we receive from our customers is more than satisfactory. We wholeheartedly recommend working with Nano Care and implementing their solutions.

Grigor Mihov , CEO Nano Coat Bulgaria

Kundenstimme Nano Coat BulgarienGrigor Mihov


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