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Convertibles waterproofing

The coating of a convertible roof contributes greatly to its impermeability and durability. However, the waterproofing sprays and liquid coatings used in the past are no longer permitted today due to problematic ingredients. Innovative means have not only enabled us to develop an ecologically safe product. The new waterproofing solution for convertible roofs has also been significantly improved in terms of performance.

What does waterproofing do for a convertible roof?

Waterproofing ensures that water does not penetrate into a textile fabric but beads off from the outside. This is particularly useful for convertible roofs. It preserves their function and their service life is significantly extended. Textile fabrics have one enemy: moisture! Regardless of whether a rain-soaked, stretched-out convertible roof dries in the sun or is stowed away in the roof box - moisture always has a very destructive effect on unimpregnated fabric.

In the stretched state, the constant change from damp to dry is a high stress for the fibres. They constantly warm up and cool down strongly due to evaporation. This also creates a vapour pressure which puts additional strain on the fibres. Stowed wet in the roof box, mould and rot have the best conditions to destroy the roof quickly.

Impregnation protects the fabric by creating a waterproof barrier. This also has lotus properties: dust cannot settle and is immediately removed with every raindrop. The waterproofing is also flexible. The roof can be easily folded up and stored in the roof box. The waterproofing is retained for the entire season.

Your advantages for waterproofing with nanoCare

1. Sustainable protection against moisture penetration

The nanoCare coating is applied as a thin film on the textile surface of a convertible roof. It permanently prevents water or oil from penetrating. Even microfine dust cannot penetrate and has no abrasive effect on the fibers. It remains on the roof and is washed away with the next rain shower.


2. Self-cleaning properties of the roof

The waterproofing film creates a microrough surface. This creates a lotus effect in which dust particles cannot penetrate the fabric. They are washed away by every rain shower. The convertible roof is therefore constantly self-cleaning.


3. Ecologically sound application

The completely newly developed waterproofing spray is ecologically sound and harmless to health. The now banned fluorine compounds have been replaced by simple silicon oxide. This natural material is very similar to normal quartz sand and no longer poses any threat to health or the environment.


4. Extended service life

The waterproofing prolongs the life of a fabric roof in the long term and thus considerably reduces repair costs. The roof also remains attractive and chic.


5. Wide field of application

NanoCare imprinting can also be used for numerous other applications: Pavilions, garden umbrellas, umbrellas and even sails can also be protected against moisture penetration with this waterproofing spray.


What nanoCare waterproofing can do for your car

The nanoCare convertible waterproofing not only provides lasting protection for your fabric roof. It also enhances it visually and thus increases the resale value of your car. If you want to have your car inspected, treat it with nanoCare beforehand. An optically perfect to as good as new convertible roof can make a difference of several thousand Euros. The nanoCare convertible roof waterproofing also prevents dust and dirt from settling in the roof. Thanks to waterproofing, even the remains of birds can be removed much more easily than with non-impregnated roofs.

  • Lasting protection of the roof against moisture and dirt.
  • Increase in value of the whole car.
  • Easy removal of stubborn dirt.

Applications for nanoCare

The nanoCare textile coating is not only ideal for convertible roofs. It can also be used to protect many other technical fabrics. nanoCare is also a sustainable care product for sunshades and umbrellas, garden pavilions, sun sails or even sails of boats.


Functionality of the nano coating

The innovative convertible waterproofing of nanoCare is applied or sprayed on with a sponge. The fabric roof must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. We recommend special fabric roof cleaning foam. This is massaged in with a brush and then rinsed with clear water. Using a wet vacuum cleaner will make the cleaning of the convertible roof particularly lasting.

The car is placed in the sun with the roof closed. This allows the roof skin to dry off particularly quickly. Then place the convertible in the shade for waterproofing. Make sure that it cannot be soiled by birds or other influences during waterproofing. An ideal place for waterproofing is therefore a garage, underground car park or wash box. Then spray the roof completely with nanoCare convertible waterproofing. Let the waterproofing dry in the shade and repeat the process 2-3 times. Your convertible roof is now ready for the coming season


Frequently asked questions

Fabric waterproofing agent should only be used for textile fabrics. For leather and vinyl, nanoCare offers more suitable agents. 


One waterproofing at the start of the season and one before storing the convertible in a dry place is usually sufficient.

The innovative nanoCare is ecologically and healthwise largely harmless. What can never be excluded are type-dependent sensitivities or allergic reactions. We therefore always recommend wearing a mouthguard when applying the impregnation.

As a general rule, we recommend that a convertible with a fabric top should only be washed by hand. The rotating brushes of a car wash are always a heavy load for a soft top. Accordingly, you should renew the waterproofing when you have driven the convertible through the car wash.

What our customers say:

"My convertible roof seemed ready for replacement two years ago. After thorough cleaning and coating by nanoCare, however, it looks like new and lasts until today."

Michael F. from Mainz

"Berlin is full of trees. This is always a big nuisance for street parkers because of the birds. But thanks to nanoCare's cabriolet impregnation, their remains can be easily washed away."

Constanze H. from Berlin

"I bought a cheap, old MX-5 as a fun mobile. With the nanoCare convertible waterproofing I was able to make my little summer convertible fit for the season with a few simple steps.

Andrea S. from Munich