What is a ceramic coating anyway?

The ceramic coating is simply a coating of surfaces for the lasting protection of objects. It is suitable for very many materials, but the effect is always the same. The ceramic coating protects against the ravages of time: weathering, rust, corrosion or UV rays. Also, this type of sealing prevents color dulling and yellowing. The bottom line is that ceramic sealers guarantee an anti-aging treatment for anything you want to maintain and preserve. For years, of course. Of course, the sealant is neutral or transparent. Also in the home and garden.

Anti-aging for your garden furniture

When it comes to garden furniture, the desire to invest is for several years. Once purchased, the just acquired garden inventory should also shine and shine for years. Only: When the summer heat broods, chair and table quickly threaten to become dull. Even white furniture quickly loses its luster. And in the case of inexpensive purchases, the chair can rub off onto clothing, for example. If you are interested in a really long value retention, you will do best with a ceramic sealing in the garden area. The duration of the protective function amounts not to months, but years, more precisely 5 or more. Those who work with protective varnish of various types, the question of durability quickly arises.

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Aesthetics like new

From now on, ceramic-sealed tiles have a higher scratch resistance. In winter gardens or outdoors. You will notice it: Scrubbing is actually unnecessary from now on, you only have to wipe. Whether bird droppings, dried earth or oils. Concrete elements also receive an anti-aging treatment. No matter whether outside or inside. Exposed concrete, load-bearing elements or concrete floors in garages and basements. The smoothing and durability effect of the ceramic sealant also works here. Less weathering, almost no signs of wear and tear, but a structural aesthetic that looks like new. Also in your four walls the ceramic coating works small miracles. Sealed is also here, what is smooth or painted and wants to be protected. In the kitchen, for example. The usual culprits are soap residues, rancid oils, grease and, of course, calcification. Of course, these also exist after a ceramic coating, but they are no longer deposited so firmly and over such a large area. And what is still there is much easier to wipe away. Enamel surfaces will also benefit, but above all the in-house ceramics department with bathroom and toilet.

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Your advantages with Nano-Care

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Little time required

Yes, it really is fast! After drying through and hardening, it forms a microrough but very strong film that adheres for a long time.

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Cost savings

An investment that pays off. Sealing is very quick and comparatively inexpensive. Due to the thickness of the coating, even your high-pressure cleaner (with a certain distance, of course) can be applied.

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Long-term value retention

Not over months, but over years! The great advantage is that a ceramic coating has a quasi self-cleaning effect and also prevents damage from dirt.

What you need to know about ceramic coating

When you choose ceramic sealants, you get the latest in sealing technology. It is more sustainable, more sophisticated and more versatile. In contrast, a conventional method is the use of wax. For the most part, it is a natural product and is usually made of carnauba wax. This wax originates from Brazil and comes from the leaves of a carnauba palm tree. The wax is quite heat resistant (80 degrees Celsius and more), but especially on black background in the summer not unbreakable. Another disadvantage is that the wax covers the layer like a coat and is therefore relatively easy to remove. Wax does not form a deeper bond like ceramic sealants; in the case of cars, the wax polish must be renewed after only weeks. There are no disadvantages with sealing, but there are some advantages. Sealing is very fast and comparatively cheap. The big advantage is that a ceramic coating has a quasi self-cleaning effect and also prevents damage from dirt. Due to the thickness of the coating, even your high-pressure cleaner (with a certain distance, of course) can be applied. Also not uninteresting for the barbecue season: the heat resistance of the sealed materials of up to 660 degrees Celsius.

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These questions are often asked about waterproofing.

A ceramic coating in the garden is especially useful for garden furniture and painted objects. The ceramic coating for the garden protects your garden and balcony furniture and prevents rust, weathering, etc. through the coating.

It is quite possible to apply the sealant yourself. You need special applicators and cloths, but that should not be a problem. The prerequisite for success, however, is good paint preparation.
In addition, it is very important that the sealing takes place indoors. Wind, for example, could blow dust and other small particles onto the fresh sealant. The time in which the sealant dries is relatively long. Depending on the size of the object, 6 to 20 hours should be expected. During this time, the surface should not come into contact with dust, water or sand. So inform yourself very carefully when planning a ceramic coating in the house and garden. Everyone has their own wishes and preferences. But one thing is quite sure, the ceramic coating garden brings mainly advantages. Sealed objects are sustainably protected, aesthetically enhanced and retain their initial luster. So if you want to seal one of their beautiful pieces of furniture in the garden, be sure: you are doing the right thing!

What our customers say

As Nano-Care AG sales partner in the international aviation market, we were able to successfully qualify and list the product with the Liquid-Guard technology by AIRBUS as the first product of this kind for the protection of surfaces against viruses and germs in all cabins.
The Liquid-Guard technology for surface coating is a proven result of scientific innovation “Made in Germany”, which will not only currently, but also in the future, play an important role in the protection of our health.
The service and the professional, scientific support as well as the cooperation for us as partners of Nano Care AG, we can only rate as outstanding and exemplary in every respect.
In particular, we would like to thank Dr. Fabienne Hennessen for her work.

Jörg Schukies , AIRDAL GmbH / Decorative Products GmbH; Quality System Manager / Quality Auditor

Kundenmeinung Jörg SchukiesJörg Schukies

A very professional team!

Nanocare is a reputable company with excellent products, probably the best nanoproducts on the market.
They have been a reliable partner for many years.

Toni Jacquot, NanoProtection, France

Kundenstimme Nanoprotection FrankreichToni Jacquot

We were looking for an innovative company that could provide modern solutions in different business areas. Nano Care took the time to understand who we are as a company and the market in which we operate. So far, we have worked with their building and textile protection products, Dura ceramic coatings for automobiles, and the revolutionary Liquid Guard antimicrobial coating. The feedback we receive from our customers is more than satisfactory. We wholeheartedly recommend working with Nano Care and implementing their solutions.

Grigor Mihov , CEO Nano Coat Bulgaria

Kundenstimme Nano Coat BulgarienGrigor Mihov


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