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Nano coating house & garden

Nano coating for conservatories and more

Nano coatings keep surfaces clean longer, promote self-cleaning properties and can even fight bacteria. With the new PFC-free impregnating agents, practically all areas of the household can be provided with a durable and effective protective layer. For example, a nano coating of the conservatory is completed in one morning and lasts all year round.


What do nano coatings do for house and garden?

nanoCare has successfully changed its product range from harmful PFC to silicon oxide, which is harmless to health and the environment. Silicon oxide is a substance obtained from simple sand. nanoCare has developed a product range for the whole house from these microporous substances and some additives that are also harmless. No matter whether marble floors, sanitary ceramics, glass surfaces, sunshades or stair railings - nanoCare transforms every surface into a protective barrier against lime, dirt and bacteria.

Advantages of nano coatings in the house and garden

The nanoCare product range is suitable for the entire household. They create self-cleaning surfaces on glass, coating marble and earthenware floors against moisture penetration and can provide frequently touched surfaces with an antibacterial protective film.

  • Self-cleaning glass surfaces and sanitary ceramics
  • Coating of marble and natural stone
  • Antibacterial protective film for door handles, stair railings and more


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Services of the nano coating from nanoCare

The waterproofing agents from nanoCare are suitable for textile and absorbent surfaces, hard materials and porous building materials. They seal against water penetration and contamination. On glass surfaces, they create a microrough structure from which water immediately rolls off. This nano coating for winter gardens or badly accessible roof windows gives the glass surfaces self-cleaning properties. The dirt is rinsed off with every rain shower. Also a badly attainable however coatinged window can be cleaned completely simply with a garden hose. By replacing harmful PFC with simple silica, the coating is no problem for health and the environment.

  • Environmentally friendly coating
  • Self-cleaning nano coating for winter garden and roof windows
  • Sustainable protection for marble, terazzo and sanitary ceramics


How does nanocoating work in house and garden?

The nano coating for winter gardens, skylights, sanitary ceramics and marble floors is applied with a sponge or a spray bottle. After drying and hardening it forms a microrough but very firm film, which adheres for a long time. The microscopic elevations create a distance between the water, dirt and the surface. Dust and dirt can no longer stick and are simply rinsed off. Small drops evaporate without leaving lime stains. This permanent self-cleaning even has antimicrobial properties.

  • No lime stains
  • self-cleaning surfaces
  • Protection for marble
  • hygienically valuable


For each nanoCare product you will receive a detailed application description. Usually, nanoCare products are applied with a sponge or distributed with a spray bottle. Make sure to observe the prescribed times for drying and curing.

By switching from the dangerous PFC to the harmless silica (which is only finely ground sand), we can eliminate any health hazard when handling nanoCare impregnating agents. Nevertheless, we recommend wearing gloves, mouth and eye protection to avoid potential allergic reactions.

Beside a high performance nano coating for winter garden, sanitary ceramic, marble floors and cabinet surfaces we offer likewise very effective products for many other ranges in the household. Look out for our nano coatings for textiles. With these the life span of tents, garden umbrellas and pavilions can be extended considerably.

It is not possible to make general statements on this because the durability of such a glass coating ultimately always depends on the weather conditions. You can assume, however, that the coating for some years ensures that the soiling of the window surfaces is significantly reduced and glass is also supported in the outdoor area from dirt. You should keep in mind how easy it is to clean the glass surfaces only with a microfiber cloth and water. Based on this, you can see for yourself whether a subsequent treatment of the glass surfaces with our coating is necessary to completely restore the nano effect.



The special advantage of our products is that you can apply the gas seal yourself. Apart from the product itself, only a microfiber cloth is required for this. The application is very easy after the window cleaning and saves you further costs, because you do not need to hire a professional for the coating. Another piece of good news: Our glass coating can be used very sparingly, so that the high yield ensures low costs across all window surfaces.

Initially, of course, cleaning glass surfaces is by no means one of most people's favorite tasks. Therefore, it should be seen as an advantage to reduce the frequency of these cleaning processes - and a surface coating is perfectly suited for this. However, you should also consider another aspect: In principle, glass is robust and weatherproof, unless it is deliberately destroyed. However, conventional glass that has not been particularly hardened is certainly sensitive. So-called micro-scratches quickly become visible if cleaning is done too often and too aggressively. In the case of window surfaces that do not have a nano coating, however, such cleaning is often the only way to permanently remove dirt. Many window cleaners cause streaks and a dull surface when cleaning in sunlight or when the user doses the cleaning agent incorrectly. So it is not only for your comfort to make window cleaning as easy and rarely necessary as possible - it also simply protects your windows. In addition, you should not ignore the fact that many cleaning products - as effective as they are in removing dirt from glass surfaces - tend to attack materials other than glass. Alcohol-based cleaners, in particular, are aggressive towards rubber seals and plastic window frames.

What our customers say

"Since I have applied the nano coating to the upper windows in the conservatory, I no longer need to clean them. That was always very dangerous, because I had to climb ladders to do it. Today I just rinse the windows with the garden hose and they become perfectly clean."

Frauke H. from Marienrachdorf writes:

"I have treated the brand new marble stairs in our house with the nano sealant. Now no standing water can penetrate, and they are much easier to clean".

Marianne R. from Rosenheim writes:

"Since I have protected my kebab snack with the nano sealant, cleaning has become much easier. Smears from the health authorities have also confirmed that the bacterial load has decreased considerably".